Travis Scott Called a 'Pedophile' for Allegedly Sleeping With Underage Girl

Instagram model/rapper Rubi Rose claims the 'Sicko Mode' hitmaker, who recently split from his baby mama Kylie Jenner, was involved with her sexually when she was younger.

AceShowbiz - Instagram model/rapper Rubi Rose claims to have been sexually involved with Travis Scott (II) in the past, after it's reported that he had split from his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The 22-year-old, who has appeared in Migos' "Bad & Boujee" music video and Raury's clip for "Cigarette Song", revealed in a recent interview with Vlad TV that he was dating the "Antidote" hitmaker and another rapper, 21 Savage, when she was younger.

When asked if she ever slept with the 28-year-old Texas native, Rubi said, "Yes, when I was younger." She, however, looked uncomfortable when she was asked the question and said to the interviewer, "Should I do this?"

Internet users later dug deeper into Travis and Rubi's history and claimed to have found "receipts" of the two's relationship. In a tweet dated February 2015, Rubi bragged about being invited to one of Travis' concerts without having to have a ticket. Should the tweet be valid, Rubi would be only 16 years old and in high school at the time, while Travis was 21 years old.

Following Rubi's claim, people have been slamming her and calling her a "s**t." They accused her of using her relationship with famous people for her own fame. "Oh look another W***e using her a** and P***y for fame.....She f**ked a few famous ppl now she thinks she's the s**t....once her s**t ways wear down she'll get a book deal or be on a reality show," one commented on the report.

"These lil groupies need to sit down somewhere," another posted. Another comment read, "Whatever she is, or whatever she does, THAT'S A BAD A** B***H!! N***as are tired of these PLASTIC H**S, and THESE FAKE BOOTY, FACE FACE, FAKE EVERYTHING B***HES."

Some others, however, said that it didn't justify Travis sleeping with an underage girl and called him a "pedophile." One slammed the rapper, "If he pedo he's PEDO. Dont try to sugarcoat it just because you A) like Travis, or B) like underage girls."

"These undercover pedos kill me. As if they simply cannot resist the overtures of a f**king child," another reacted. Someone else pointed out, "If he f**ked a 15 year old ahen he was a frosn man he is a PED-O-PHILE."

"If she's under 18, it is statutory rape. S**t?! As if Travis is any better," another argued. Someone else added, "Her being promiscuous doesn't make rape ok."

Another person elaborated why Travis should be blamed for his alleged sexual relationship with Rubi, "Sorry but dudes need to check IDs if the girl looks young. Anyone 18 or older has at least a non-drivers license. Men should know by now that underage girls are on every single dating app/social media app there is. There are no more excuses if they get caught up. Playing dumb ain't gonna cut it anymore."

Travis has not responded to Rubi's claim of their past relationship.

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