Kyle Richards Talks About 'Frustating' 'RHOBH' Season 9 in Scatching Tweets

Taking it to Twitter, Kyle expresses her thoughts on the current season 9 of the Bravo reality series and takes a shot at co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer in the process.

AceShowbiz - Watching the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" seemingly made her realize that she had a lot of things she didn't get to say in the part two of season 9 reunion. Taking it to Twitter, Kyle Richards expressed her thoughts on the current season and took a shot at co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer in the process.

"Have you seen The Real Housewives? The Real Housewives follows a group of women’s lives and how they navigate through their friendships," Kyle began her thread. "We are followed by cameras that capture what we say and do. We are expected to be honest and say how we feel about any given situation. The Real Housewives is NOT Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous. It is not Sex In The City. It is not scripted. It's our reality."

"I have been on this show many years now. We just finished season 9 to be exact. There have been many tears and a lot of laughter over these 9 years," she continued, adding that this season left her "so frustrated at times." She wrote, "Frustrated that people don't always seem to see the obvious. No, It's not editing. It's people who are good at 'the game'. Bad people can be good at it and good people can be bad at it."

Seemingly insinuating that LVP was someone who had 'spent their entire life treating life as a game and 'winning' at it," Kyle went on saying that she knew that she would be a part of a game "when I was told to go to Vanderpump Dogs way back at the beginning of the season."

"I was brought there to unknowingly be a part of making Dorit [Kemsley] look bad for entertainment purposes I suppose. Trust me , I know you think she didn't need much help. I read the comments, see the preception of her from people that have never met her," she said.

While noting that "Dorit made a mistake" and that "she should have turned the dog back into Vanderpump Dogs," she took a jab at LVP's husband Ken Todd. "Ken is angry because the cast 'bullied' Lisa when she was going through a hard time. Forgetting the fact that being honest isn't bullying AND the fact that I resisted using any adjective in that realm when Ken got up in my face," she tweeted. "However , I DO understand that was a difficult time for Lisa. I had many conversations with her over this time .I also understand that she signed up for 2 realty shows during that time and one of them she had already shot."

"With that said ... if you're going through a hard time then you would think you would be coming from a different place. Not scheming about how to make your friend look bad. Your close friend. The problem is it was not new behavior due to her having a hard time," she continued. "If we aren't being honest then we get called out for not being honest. If we are honest and you don't like what someone is saying , you're being 'mean'."

Kyle also blasted Ken for saying that the other ladies deliberately put the focus on PuppyGate because they didn't want to talk about "what's 'really' going on in our lives." She called it "a cheap shot" because "over these 9 years we never discussed Ken's and Lisa's lawsuits."

Kyle also talked about Camille who accused Kyle of talking to her off camera about LVP's breath. "I honestly do not know why she was so angry,” Kyle said. "When she constantly contradicts herself I find myself thinking 'Doesn't she know there are cameras? This is going to be played back!' Camille, in an attempt to distract from her actions, pretends she thinks we just were mad she said nice things about Lisa."

"That way she can get a little support from trolls," she added. "By calling us Mean Girls. She uses twitter as a gauge to see what the audience thinks and throws out things she thinks people will support her about. Like I said, some people work hard at the game of life."

"The only thing l have said about Camille up until now, is that she plays both sides of the fence and is a people pleaser. Both things that she admits to herself. So yeah, this is not Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous. This is reality," Kyle concluded.

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