Clive Owen

What may be regarded as a prestigious and highly-coveted title to some people has been denied and seen as nothing but a source of discomfort by these popular stars.

AceShowbiz - Clive Owen first rose to prominence through his lead role on British TV series "Chancer" and that same work earned him the title as a sex symbol. Despite the so many opportunities that have come to him since his rise in popularity, the 55-year-old actor didn't think the status is something to be thankful for. "I don't know about that," he said in a 2019 interview when asked about being a sex icon.

"Honestly, I think you're a weird actor and a weird person if you ever really look at yourself in that way," he explained. Believing that it comes naturally to "anybody who has a lead part in a television show," he added that the era has been long over to him, "They're gonna get attention, they just are. It happened to me. It was a long time ago."

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