What may be regarded as a prestigious and highly-coveted title to some people has been denied and seen as nothing but a source of discomfort by these popular stars.

AceShowbiz - Unlike Harry Styles, Rihanna saw two different sides to being called sexy. "Every time I hear that it's definitely flattering, but also uncomfortable," she told News of the World's Fabulous magazine in 2011 about the status. She noted though, "That's not a priority on my list - being a sex symbol or being overly sexy. I'm just a normal woman. I don't really focus on being a sex symbol."

Hoping that people would judge her based on her personality more than her physical appearance, the singer-turned-entrepreneur added, "I think what my fans enjoy about me are my flaws and imperfections. The fact that I'm rebellious and do things my way motivates them to be individuals. That's all I care about, you know, people being themselves and living life to the fullest."

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