Shakira and BF Face Backlash After Their Young Boys Are Seen 'Petting' Little Black Girl

The Latin singer and her baby daddy Gerard Pique land in hot water and they are accused of not educating their children about race, respect, and personal space.

AceShowbiz - Shakira came under fire on social media after a video of her two young sons and a little black girl went viral. The Latin singer/songwriter and her baby daddy Gerard Pique were criticized for the way their kids Milan, 6, and Sasha, 4, interacted with the girl.

The three children wore Barcelona jerseys. The two boys were seen standing close to the little girl. One of them pinched her cheeks and wiped her forehead while the other tugged at her Afro ponytails. The girl seemed to be uncomfortable but she kept quiet.

The female adult recording the video, however, seemed to encourage the boys as she was heard giggling. Turning around to look at the woman and the other adults nearby, the little girl didn't seem to understand what's so funny and made the woman laugh.

The little girl, who looked no older than the boys, was identified as the daughter of Gerard's football teammate Nelson Semedo. It's unclear who the laughing woman was. It was reportedly Shakira, but some people claimed it was actually the little girl's mother.

While a few argued that the children were just curious, many others said someone should tell the boys to stop when the girl showed discomfort. The critics also believed parents should teach their children about race, respect, and personal boundaries at young age.

"Wow. Couldn't be my child. As if she's an animal they're petting at the zoo," one angry commenter wrote. Another penned, "They're playing with her like she's a doll in a toy store. Where are the adults in the room?" One other said, "Well she is gorgeous but look with your eyes lil boys. They need to know to keep their hands to themselves as early as humanly possible." This person shared similar thoughts, "A few years older and that is considered sexual harassment.....Not a joke, not funny!"

To those saying it's not a big deal, this person argued, "I'm sorry it's one thing to touch hair but it's another thing entirely to be touching and pulling on her face like that. They aren't babies they are speaking and comprehensive aged children....even if it's not about race touching in her face like that is a no. And you can clearly tell by the expression on her face she isn't feeling it."

People also scolded the adult recording the video. One commented, "Put the camera down and teach the children basic respect." Another perplexed person wrote, "Who stood there recording them while they violated her personal space?" Another similar comment read, "So a tall person filmed this and gave it a stamp of approval???"

Some people directly called out Shakira. "I thought she had more sense than this raising her children to be ignorant adults....shame," one individual penned. Another agreed, "Shakira teach your children better and they will do better! Maybe." One other person said, "Shakira, you should be embarrassed." This person even commented, "Obviously I am not her mother or this caption would read 'Black Mother taps Shakira's children's hands for envading her daughters space!' "

One critic said it was ironic that the singer was a UNICEF ambassador for children but failed to educate her own children, "Just wondering if Shakira has ever exposed her children to the African children that she's acting as an ambassador for? Is this how her children greet them? Act with them? 'Learn them?' Are the children in other countries on display for children to 'explore?' "

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