Amber Portwood and Ex Andrew Glennon Fighting Over 'Missing' Money in Their Joint Account

In related news, it is said that Andrew is planning to pack things up in Indiana before heading back to California by November 2019 and will bring their one-year-old son James along with him.

AceShowbiz - Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon are involved in a dispute over money. According to a new report, the "Teen Mom" star and her ex were fighting last month after it was said that thousands of dollars were gone missing from their joint account.

"A lot of money went missing from Amber and Andrew's joint bank account leading up to the fight," a source claimed to Us Weekly. The source added that Andrew previously spent a large chunk of Amber's money "on inauthentic items at an auction."

Amber, who shares a baby son James with Andrew, didn't confront Andrew about the money right away despite her being "suspicious." The source went on saying, "Amber is very trusting, so at first when she noticed there was some money gone she did not want to make an issue out of it even though she is fully supporting their family financially. Amber wanted Andrew to contribute to their family on some level and that is an issue that had been brewing."

Glennon allegedly used the money to purchase items at a fraudulent auction that led to a lawsuit being lodged to reclaim the funds. "Amber and Andrew became aware of their joint bank account being manipulated," said an Andrew insider, noting that unauthorized transactions was being made in California and Georgia. The pair reportedly "agreed the best thing to do was to suspend that account and transfer the funds. She insisted on removing all the money from their joint account and buying a safe."

The insider went on claiming that Andrew, who made on average $1500 a day from day trading, "could not keep up with Amber's unnecessary life expenses" which included expense for clothes. According to the source, the MTV star would order huge amount of clothing for filming and if the items didn't fit, "she would just throw them in a huge pile in her closet and never once think to return them."

"Andrew just recently paid for both of Amber's car notes, her phone bill, the electrical bill, gas, cable bill, roof repairs, her furniture financing, James' recent vaccinations, as well as all of his food and necessities," the insider added. "Every check Andrew would bring in would be quickly spent on the upkeep of the house."

However, a source close to Amber denied it, adding that "all the money was coming from Amber." The source said that "the only checks he brought in were from Teen Mom, a show that Amber is on that he's a part of because of her. Amber also gave him many thousands to day trade with."

In related news, it was said that Andrew was planning to pack things up in Indiana and head back to California by November 2019. TMZ mentioned that Andrew filed an intent to relocate document with the courts in Indiana and would bring James along with him. The one-year-old was in Andrew's care following Amber's arrest for physical assault against Andrew back in July.

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