Goo Hara's Manager Reveals K-Pop Star's Severe Depression After Suicide Attempt

In an anonymous interview, the manager says he/she had been keeping a close eye on the former Kara member because she showed signs of extreme depression.

AceShowbiz - After news broke that K-Pop star Goo Hara attempted suicide, her manager has revealed that the singer/actress has been battling severe depression. In an anonymous interview with Korean press, the manager reveals that the agency had been keeping a close eye on the 28-year-old star, that's why the manager was able to act quickly when Goo Hara posted alarming messages on Instagram that hinted at her being suicidal.

"Goo Hara has recently been battling depression. We were aware of that and we've been paying attention to her well-being," the manager says. "That's why when she didn't answer her phone, I went to check on her immediately. And I found her passed out on the floor."

Goo Hara was found in her house full of smoke in Seoul, South Korea by her manager on Sunday, May 26. The manager quickly put out the source of the smoke and cleared out the air through the window, and called emergency services.

The former member of South Korean girl group Kara was rushed to hospital where she is currently being treated. Her agency Content Y stated that she's sustaining no life-threatening injuries.

Hours before she was found unconscious in her home, Goo Hara posted on Instagram a now-deleted image of herself and captioned it, "Goodbye." On Saturday, May 25, she also shared a quote on Instagram Stories that hinted at her depression.

"Acting as if I am not tired when I am. Acting as if I am not in pain when I am. After living years with suppression, I may look fine on the outside, but I feel as if I am stating to break into pieces on the inside. - Kim Tokki," read her post.

Goo Hara recently was embroiled in a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend Choi Jongbeom for domestic violence. In 2018, she also filed a lawsuit against Choi Jongbeom for uploading a nude photograph of her without her consent.

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