Keke Palmer's New Porsche Is Stolen in Atlanta

Despite the misfortune, the 'I Don't Belong to You' songstress still had the heart to joke by comparing her car being stolen to GTA.

AceShowbiz - Keke Palmer is the latest celebrity that has been fallen victim to a robbery. The actress/singer/songwriter has taken to social media to reveal that her brand new car, a $100,000 Porsche, has been stolen in Atlanta.

The "Rags" star wrote on Sunday, January 27, on Instagram Stories, "If y'all see somebody in the Atlanta area riding around in a Porsche that's not theirs, its because it's MINE lol." Keke then continued writing that "this craziest thing that’s ever happened to me."

Despite the misfortune, the "I Don't Belong to You" songstress still had the heart to joke by comparing her car being stolen to popular game Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA.

This sparked concern among fans as one user warned others, "How many times we gotta tell y'all Atlanta grimy AF do not leave ya keys in the car for nothing or doors unlocked." One other fan wished Keke would be more specific with the description she offered. "Honey we need a better description! It's thousands of Porsches in Atlanta!" the fan said.

Another comment read, "That fact that she put lol like it don't even matter that much just made me feel that much more broke." Meanwhile, another fan found her experience extremely relatable, writing, "I feel ya pain sis this happened to me u gone get Thur this."

It was reported that Keke had filed a police report regarding the robbery. However, it remains to be seen if she has had her car back.

Prior to this, Keke had to deal with an online troll. However, she didn't let it to get through her as she slammed a hater on Twitter, calling the troll "ignorant." The troll posted a video of her dancing at a gas station and wrote, "somebody give keke palmer a role already so she can stop doing this."

The tweet reached Keke herself as she responded, "This is why you don't believe everything you read online. You're ignorant Sage. I'm sorry you don't have a personality unless you're broke.. but I always do, that's why I'm never not booked." The actress ended her epic clap back by wishing the hater happiness, saying, "I hope you find happiness in your very dull world."

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