'Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Finale: Sheldon and Amy Finally Say 'I Do'

While most characters attended the nuptials, one member of the Cooper was noticeably absent.

AceShowbiz - Finally, the wedding day of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) has arrived. Season 11 finale of "The Big Bang Theory" which aired on Thursday, May 10 saw the couple officially being a husband and a wife.

Prior to the nuptials, Penny picks up Amy’s parents from the airport. After they get back to the apartment, Penny felt nothing but exhaustment. However, everyone else was super excited to see the family and finally began the day-long celebration.

The episode also featured two big surprises, one of which was when Howard found a lost dog that turned out to be Mark Hamill's. When he returned "Bark Hamill," Howard somehow managed to convince Hamill to officiate Shamy's wedding. Another suprise was that Stuart seemingly found someone who thinks fondly of him after Alice agreed to accompany him to the wedding.

During the big day, fans were offered with a slew of emotional moments. Sheldon and his mother got a very sweet moment together before the ceremony started. They talked about how much they wished his father lived long enough to see Sheldon get married. "He'd be proud of you. I'm proud of you," Mary told his son.

The day was probably the happiest day for Sheldon. Not only because he got to marry Amy, but also because he had Luke Skywalker serving as his officiant. Hamill dubbed Amy's vows "surprisingly moving." When it was Sheldon's turn to say his vows, he told Amy, "I'm overwhelmed by you," adding that he's going to spend his life making sure he shows what she means to him.

While most characters attended the nuptials, one member of the Cooper was noticeably absent. Sheldon's grandma Meemaw was M.I.A. at the wedding, and "The Big Bang Theory" showrunner Steve Holland has the answer why.

"We had talked about including Meemaw because it seemed like Meemaw would need to be at the wedding, but first of all, we had so many characters [in this finale,] so we kind of had to pick and choose who could be at the wedding and who would have something else to do," Holland explained to Entertainment Tonight.

He added, "Also, with 'Young Sheldon' coming on right after and with Annie Potts playing Meemaw on there and creating such a big character, it just felt like it was hard to see the two of them back to back. Like, it felt like not they're not the same person."

He also talked about what fans could expect in season 12. When asked if the upcoming season would kick off at Sheldon and Amy's reception, he said, "Honestly, we're just so revealed in the fact that we made it through season 11 so we haven't spent a lot of time talking about season 12. For now, there are a few discussions of where we should start, but we could start at the reception, we could start at the honeymoon, we have lots of fun opportunities."

Fans speculate that season 12 will be the comedy's final season. Addressing the rumor, Holland revealed that he didn't know better about that matter. "I'm sure we'll know well before the end whether we're writing a season or a series finale. But yeah, I imagine we'll both know around the same time," he shared.

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