Prince's Ex-Wife Debunks Sinead O'Connor's Claim That the Late Star Was a Woman Beater

Mayte Garcia, who was married to Prince from 1996 to 2000, says the late star was never violent towards her, doubting that Sinead was as close to the 'Purple Rain' singer as she claims.

AceShowbiz - Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia has poured scorn on Sinead O'Connor's claims the late star was a drug abuser who was violent towards women. The "Purple Rain" singer died at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota from an accidental fentanyl overdose at the age of 57 in April 2016, and last Thursday, April 19, prosecutors ended an investigation into his death and made public previously sealed pieces of evidence, including a recording of a phone interview with Sinead.

In her chat with officers, the Irish musician, who had a hit with the Prince-penned track "Nothing Compares 2 U", alleged the famously teetotal star was in fact a substance abuser who became "very violent, very aggressive" and attacked her and other women in drug-fuelled rages.

Mayte, who was married to Prince from 1996 to 2000, tells TMZ that he was never violent towards her or any other women in her presence, and that she only saw him drunk once during their entire relationship.

Sinead, who has a history of mental health problems, admitted she never actually saw Prince in the act of taking drugs, but also alleged the late star was into "devil worship."

Mayte cast doubts on whether Sinead was as close to her late ex as she claims, and tells TMZ she is certain any accusation of Satanism is "ridiculously wrong."

Sinead has also made claims about Prince online, though she was forced to apologize to comedian Arsenio Hall when he sued her for defamation after she accused him of supplying the funk and soul star with drugs.

Last year she sought the help of TV self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw in a bid to beat her mental health demons and his producers paid for treatment at a medical facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

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