'Jack Ryan' Series to Tackle ISIS in Season 1, John Krasinski Reveals

The new spin on Tom Clansy's novel is expected to pit the CIA hero against Islamic extremists in the upcoming first season.

AceShowbiz - %cJohn Krasinski% teased what to expect from the first-ever season of Amazon's "Jack Ryan" series. "Every year they're gonna be different. They're sort of more ripped-from-the-headlines type stuff, so the first year the villain or I don't know what you want to call it is it's taking on ISIS for sure," he told Collider.

The actor also revealed that they approached the TV adaptation as a 10-hour movie. He explained, "We're doing 10 episodes and I think the interesting part about it is exactly what you said, everything's changed so much; the line between film and TV has blurred so much over the years, I think Jack Ryan is a product of that blurring so much that I think that they're not even really considering it a TV show, they're calling it a movie that's being told in 10 parts; and that's not just an argument of semantics, it's actually true."

"[Screenwriter] Carlton Cuse's whole plan is we're gonna shoot it on a movie budget, we're gonna have the same stunts as movies, it's gonna feel like a movie but you're gonna watch it every week. His whole idea was he just felt that two hours wasn't enough time to tell a Jack Ryan story because Tom Clancy's books are so detailed and rich, and the character of Jack Ryan if he has a superpower is his intelligence, so there's a lot of problem solving and things that take time, and that's the beauty of the spy genre. That's what I found was the best pitch to me is it's really just what's the best format to tell this story?"

In separate news, John Krasinski told %cConan O'Brien% that he almost played Captain America. "In my head, I got the part," he laughed when he recalled screen-testing for the superhero role. "It was a big deal for me because first of all, I love those Marvel movies, I love superheroes, I love imagination," he said.

"So when they asked me to test, they actually allowed me to put on the suit, I was on a set, it was all very interesting," he went on, "but the only bummer of it was as I was putting on the suit and thinking this is so amazing; I got about right to my waist, I was still shirtless and feeling pretty good about myself." It was all fine until %cChris Hemsworth% walked by in his Thor suit.

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