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  • Malcolm & Marie
    • Genre : Drama,Romance
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : R
    • Duration : 106 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 30
    • Studio : Netflix
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  • Zendaya and John David Washington shine in tense, engaging drama; While it's a bit over-long and gets structurally hazy at times, it keeps its hooks in you with its leads’ captivating turns
    4 of 5 by Eric Eisenberg [CinemaBlend ]
  • you'll need to take a deep breath before watching; this is a one-on-one so astute and scathing; "Malcolm & Marie" is a film of the moment, powered by Covid, BLM and #MeToo - but good enough to stand the test of time
    5 of 5 by Jamie Gaham [Total Film ]
  • the seductive fluidity of the camerawork, as much as the punchy performances and muscular writing, keep Malcolm & Marie compelling even when it risks becoming an extended exercise in style
    by David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter ]
  • the best performances of the year in the first great movie of 2021; Zendaya and John David Washington are two of the most exciting actors around right now, and seeing them spar with each other is as compelling as you'd hope
    4 of 5 by Ian Sandwell [Digital Spy ]
  • the actors do their best with what they're given [but] they lack chemistry; The whole movie comes across as deeply self-conscious, more concerned with how it sounds than what it's saying, consumed with impressing people rather than expressing something
    Review rate : D+ by Mary Sollosi [Entertainment Weekly ]
  • thanks in no small part to two powerhouse performances, it makes for an utterly absorbing ride; Zendaya and John David Washington deliver career-best performances in this mesmerising two-hander that ruminates on love, life and art
    4 of 5 by Amon Warmann [Empire Magazine ]
  • Sam Levinson's high-contrast, low-reward romantic drama is a stunning example of how airless a film can become when it’s shot in a bubble; It's frustrating to see two brilliant actors work so hard to evolve these characters beyond their narrow concepts
    Review rate : C+ by David Ehrlich [IndieWire ]
  • Sam Levinson's drama is an intimate portrait of a couple ravaged by their own insecurities; a movie that can feel like an emotional drain due to the built-up hostility between these two characters but is always captivating thanks to the performances
    Review rate : B+ by Matt Goldberg [Collider ]
  • Sam Levinson's "Malcolm & Marie" is a purposely self-absorbed meta-narrative about a navel-gazing director at odds with his muse--an enticing premise on paper--that too often obscures its heart in lieu of tedious diatribes
    Review rate : C- by Robert Daniels [The Playlist ]
  • a smart, fiercely performed movie; It's pugnaciously well-acted, flavoured with vinegary insights and rage-filled denunciations, and a hilarious set piece of scorn about how awful film critics are
    3 of 5 by Peter Bradshaw [The Guardian ]
  • "Malcolm & Marie" is a vibrant, perceptive film; Throughout the psychological games and emotional twists and turns, Zendaya and John David Washington keep the audience as off-guard as the characters do each other
    4 of 5 by Caryn James [BBC ]

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