Michelle Monaghan
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Michelle Monaghan

Famous As
Birth Name
Michelle Lynn Monaghan
Birth Date
Mar 23, 1976
Birth Place
Winthrop, Iowa, USA
Michelle Monaghan Trivia
  1. Had to undergo some training in a simulation machine to learn snowboarding for "Mission: Impossible 3" (2006).

  2. Got a role in "Mission: Impossible 3" (2006) after director J.J. Abrams saw an audition tape of her from "Constantine" (2005).

  3. Lost the role of Lois Lane to Kate Bosworth in the audition for "Superman Returns" (2006).

  4. Labeled The Hottest Breakout Star by Giant Magazine in 2005.

  5. Changed her hair color to black in order to make a convincing portrayal of Sherry in "North Country" (2005).

  6. Her appearance in "Syriana" (2005) was also deleted after the audience complained that the running time was too long and since her character was a sub-plot, her scenes then were removed from the film.

  7. Actually played a demon named Ellie in "Constantine" (2005), but her appearance later was cut by director Francis Lawrence. However, her look could be seen in the deleted scenes section of the DVD version.

  8. Appeared on TV commercials of Stayfree and Secret Sheer Dry.

  9. Loves dive bars for she dissents the idea to go to a place and spend $12 on a drink.

  10. Likes drinking cheap beer from its recyclable aluminum container.

  11. Loves football and her favorite teams are Pittsburgh Steelers and Iowa Hawkeyes.

  12. Likes listening to AC/DC.

  13. Named The Woman on Our Mind by GQ Magazine.

  14. Voted class president during her high school years.