Chad Ochocinco Only Wants a Child With Women Who Have Athletic Background

The former NFL star, who used to date 'Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada, is currently in relationship with Sharelle Rosado and the pair even sparked the engagement speculation earlier this year.

AceShowbiz - Chad Ochocinco discussed his preferences on women he wants to have children with in a new interview. During his appearance in a new episode of "Bussin' With The Boys", the former NFL star was asked about how it was like to be a father of seven.

"The whole having multiple mothers thing... It doesn't seem like a difficult track," co-host Taylor Lewan said, with Will Compton adding that it did seem "stressful." To that, Chad responded, "You know what... I think about what I did. Everyone I had a child with is based on their DNA and athletic background."

Further elaborating his point, Chad went on to explain, "It had nothing to do with how fine you were or how you looked." He added, "I don't care anything about 'bad b****es' and all that s**t. If I wanted models...I don't want f***in' models. I want f***in' athletes... What'd you do in high school? Show me some f***in' tape."

The co-host erupted in laughter upon hearing his explanation, seemingly thinking that the former athlete was joking. However, with a totally serious look, Chad interjected, "No, I'm serious."

Fans were amused by the interview. "Ocho has to be the funniest guy to ever play in the NFL, mans does what he wants and doesnt give af about what anybody else thinks," one person commented. "That's called breeding and it's genius," another user chimed in. Someone even called for a podcast for Chad, writing, "Give chad a podcast he's so entertaining."

"Atleast he takes care of them and they seem to love him. Hes rich so he can afford to have 10 billion kids. Whatever," another Internet user opined.

Chad, who used to date "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada, is currently in relationship with Sharelle Rosado. The pair even sparked the engagement speculation earlier this year. The beauty, who listed her job as a "sports and entertainment realtor" on her Instagram profile, flaunted what looks like an engagement ring from her beau on Instagram Story.

On the same day, Chad also fueled the speculation as he declared that he "has foundeth a wife" in Sharelle on his Instagram post. The retired professional football athlete shared his pic with her and captioned it with a quote which read, "a man that findeth a woman that likes McDonald’s has foundeth a wife."

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