Jeffree Star Moving On With Two Black Men After Andre Marhold Split

In one picture the YouTube personality shares on Instagram Stories, one man in a pink fur robe can be seen staring into the distance in what looks like the balcony of Jeffree's house.

AceShowbiz - No more crying over a breakup! Jeffree Star wasted no time to move on with not one, but two men after splitting from Andre Marhold, posting on Instagram Stories on Monday, October 19 several footage of him spending quality time with his new baes.

In one picture, one man in a pink fur robe could be seen staring into the distance in what looked like the balcony of Jeffree's house. "Good morning," so the beauty guru wrote in the caption of the picture. The said man also took to his own account to post a photo of him posing in the same place, offering his followers a side profile of himself.

Jeffree later followed it up with some footage of a man doing his hair in his bathroom. People first thought that the man was the same person in his previous photo given that he also wore a pink fur robe, not to mention that he has the same hairstyle. However, after looking at the footage again, some started pointing out that the guy in the clip doesn't have a tattoo on his neck.

Jeffree and Andre broke up in late last month, with the former accusing his ex of stealing his stuff before leaving the house. Andre, however, denied ever taking the YouTube personality's stuff without his permission and alleged that Jeffree paid him to be his fake boyfriend. Insisting that he only took the ones that Jeffree bought for him, the athlete said, "I took everything he bought me along with the money he gave me and left."

He continued, "Not even an hour later I see him claiming that I stole a Louis Vuitton bag from his house which I didn't. I have my own things and would never steal from someone in my life."

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