'RHONY' Star Leah McSweeney Confront Ramona Singer for Gossiping About Her Bipolar Disorder

The drama then unfolds when the ladies arrive in Cancun, Mexico, for their annual girls' trip where Leah confronts Ramona before they get into a screaming match.

AceShowbiz - Leah McSweeney was beyond upset when she found out that her "The Real Housewives of New York City" co-star Ramona Singer was talking about her mental health with others behind her back. In the Thursday, July 30 episode of the show, Ramona told Sonja Morgan that Leah acted crazy at her birthday party because she has bipolar disorder.

"I found out she's bipolar and she's on medication and I know people who are bipolar and you cannot mix alcohol with meds, it makes you act not responsible. It's actually very dangerous," the 63-year-old told Sonja.

Ramona revealed during a confessional that she learned about it through a friend. "They go, 'Ramona listen, this Leah girl, she writes a blog and on a blog she says she's bipolar.' That explains it all!" Meanwhile, Sonja wondered in her own confessional, "Why is Ramona telling me this and where is she getting this information. Is it true even? I'm getting along well with Leah."

The drama then unfolded when the ladies arrived in Cancun, Mexico, for their annual girls' trip. After Ramona vented at Sonja about what Leah did at her party, Sonja told her, "You said she lifted up her skirt. She said she didn't." However, Ramona insisted that Leah did, to the point she "had to run over to her and pull down her dress."

Apparently, Sonja let it slip to Leah about Ramona gossiping about her mental health. Leah then expressed her frustration to Dorinda Medley, saying, "Whatever, I don't care about the party. She's saying I showed my vagina to people, which is demeaning and it's a lie and whatever. But when you start talking about 'Leah has depression, she's on pills,' it's a line that you don't cross." She also said that she never told Ramona about her bipolar disorder, adding that "she must've done some digging."

"I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder on my 30th birthday and really dedicated the last seven years of my life to getting it under control and to getting myself in a good place. I'm not even on medication, so for her to be talking about it in this way is despicable," Leah shared.

Later, Leah confronted Ramona about the matter. "Then why do you keep talking about [my vagina]?" Leah said, to which Ramona yelled back, I don't talk about it, you're talking about it!" Leah then insisted, "I didn't do anything! She needs to stop talking about my vagina."

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