Ivanka Trump Called Out Over Lack of Support for Women After Joining 'Challenge Accepted' Trend

People find the Advisor to the President's participation in the viral challenge that claims to be about 'women supporting women' is problematic because of her misogynist father.

AceShowbiz - Ivanka Trump is the latest celebrity to jump into the "Challenge Accepted" trend. On Tuesday, July 28, the daughter of Donald Trump shared a black-and-white picture of herself while she was pregnant as a part of a social media trend which claims to be about "women supporting women."

In the caption of the photo taken during her cover shoot for the February 2016 issue of Town & Country magazine, the 38-year-old businesswoman wrote, "Gratitude for the sisterhood - the women who have held me up and pushed me forward! Each day brings countless opportunities, large and small, to spread light and uplift those around us."

"Let's be kind to each other. Let's choose to love, support and strengthen one another. We are ALL mothers - we each bring something unique and beautiful into this world. Let's [love] each other. I challenge all of my followers to lead with love. You create the future as you live," she continued, adding the hashtags #ChallengeAccepted and #womensupportingwomen.

But many find her participation in the challenge hypocritical as she has been supporting her father and his administration which have long been criticized for being anti-woman. "Your dad hates the poor and women," one person reacted to Ivanka's "Challenge Accepted" photo.

A second user sarcastically wrote, " 'Let us be kind to each other'..... Have you met your Dad?" A third person told her to do real action to prove her words, urging her, "Now do the challenge where you free children from cages."

"How could you support women when you support a man that wants to take our rights away?" another questioned her stance in women empowerment issue. Another denounced the mother of 3, "Ummm...not supporting a white-supremacist-enabling-legacy-case who's destroying the country. Even if they are a woman, sorry!!!"

"You already know if Ivanka trump is doing this wsw challenge that you should not be..... girls, get it together," read another comment, while someone else added, "You only help yourself." Also not having it, a person tweeted, "Ivanka Trump did 'challenge accepted'....you girls better hang it up, flatscreen."

One person wrote an elaborate reason why Ivanka joining the challenge is "a joke." "Let's [love] each other. So that includes mother's that are separated because of your administration; women who are pro choice; women of colour, women who are frontline medical staff who are putting their lives on the lines because of your incompetent father and husband; transgender women; women teachers who you are forcing to go back to work with no real concern of their lives," the said person wrote, "... all the underage wmen who Ghislane Maxwell trafficked, but who your father wished well. If you really supported women you would be outraged by your father and all his administration."

Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Rowland have previously taken part in the social media challenge, though critics have dubbed it "vapid" and "meaningless," with many seeing it as an empty gesture despite its claim that it aims to empower women across the globe.

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