Rapper 42 Dugg Trolls Ex-Girlfriend for Calling Him 'Fat Booty N***a'

In an Instagram Live, Jazmin Re'Nae makes it clear that she will not be arguing with a 'n***a that's thicker than me,' adding, 'Like I could sit a cup on that b***h.'

AceShowbiz - It's safe to say that 42 Dugg and his ex-girlfriend Jazmin Re'Nae did not have the best breakup at all. The exes have been caught in an online feud that all started after the latter called the rapper a "fat booty n***a" during a recent Instagram Live session.

Talking to her viewers, Jazmin took shots at Dugg's booty that she believed is bigger than hers, and that apparently was one of the reasons why she refused to hold an argument with Dugg. "I can't argue with no n***a that's thicker than me," she said. "I’m not about to keep doing that. I’m not arguing with no fat booty n***a. Like I could sit a cup on that b***h. I could sit a cup on that a**."

Jazmin went on accusing Dugg of trying to sabotage her career as saying, "I'm not doing this no more. This is b***h s**t because he tried to really sabotage my character and think this gon’ make n****s not want to f**k with me and all that. So I had to sell the real tea."

It didn't take long for Dugg to notice what Jazmin said about him and he was quick to give her a response. But instead of making it all serious like her, he took this chance to troll her by saying that she "got f**ked on an air mattress, b***h."

Jazmin has yet to respond back.

This year has been rough for Dugg. In addition to his feud with Jazmin, he was arrested on federal gun charges back in March after he was accused of firing a weapon inside Stoddard's Range and Gun in Atlanta. He was released several days after that.

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