'90 Days Fiance' Star Brittany Learns to Love Herself More From Relationship With 85-Year-Old Man

In a separate news, the model from Palm Beach, Florida explains to her Instagram followers that her account has been hacked after a post accusing fiance Yazan of cheating popped out online.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" star Brittany has no regret about dating an 85-year-old man. Weeks after shocking many viewers with her confession about an ex-boyfriend in the premiere episode of season 2, the fiance of Yazan spilled more details of the relationship, revealing the things she gained from it.

"I learned about business. I learned about loving myself more. I learned about being more of a classier woman and having men respect me more, how to have more respect," the aspiring rapper told ET in an interview. "He just gave me more insight into a lot of things and he was like, so much of a mentor to me as well, and he just really, really wanted to see me succeed and win."

During the chat, the model from Palm Beach, Florida revealed she met her much older ex when hanging out with her girlfriends. They clicked since he "was young style" and they share similar interests. "He liked to go to the gym, I love to work out," she dished. "He liked to go on long bike rides, I went for bike rides every morning."

"So, we just did stuff together all the time that we both enjoy doing and we just ended up dating," the aspiring rapper continued. "To me, at one point, I just stopped seeing his age and I was just looking at his soul and it was just so amazing, you know? I was just like, 'Wow, you know, you're great.' "

On what broke them up, Brittany explained, "The age difference was just too much for a lot of people involved so it was just like, OK, we can just remain friends, so that's what it was." She added, "Because I didn't want to step on so many people's toes, especially in my family, and I didn't want, like, this vision out there of people and I was like, you know, there's no harm lost in being friends."

While her past dating experiences raised eyebrows, Brittany insisted, "I just want to say, I hope people know now that when I date, it's not for clout." She then pointed out, "I don't have time for clout-chasing when I date. It's too much energy that goes into dating for me to get just what evolves from clout-chasing."

"For me, 15 minutes of fame isn't worth going through a relationship with somebody because we all know relationships are hard, hard, hard work," she further elaborated her statement. "I've dated a lot of ugly people you'd think that I would never date, but you know, their souls were probably very beautiful."

As for her relationship with Yazan, Brittany recently surprised her Instagram followers with a scathing post about her fiance. "Fun facts about us," her now-deleted post read. "Yazan's favorite drink is Jack Daniels. Yazan loves hashish, tramadol, and gaslighting women. He also loves to cheat with '90 Day Fiance' fans. He's on his third one. His favorite pastime is blaming others for his actions."

Other shady posts also popped out in her Instagram Story feed. One, in particular, read, "Woke up in a f**k you mood. Tired of misogynists who think they can groom women. Ima kill all that on behalf of my ladies. F**k misogynists. Women are queens." She has since come out with a clarifying post, claiming that she was hacked.

Season 2 of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" airs every Monday at 9 P.M. ET/PT on TLC.

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