'Bachelor' Finale Part 2 Recap: Peter Weber Finally Picks His Lady Despite Tension

The Tuesday, March 10 episode of the long-running ABC dating show picked up with the pilot on the day of the final rose ceremony following Madison's departure.

AceShowbiz - The second part of Peter Weber's "The Bachelor" season finale is finally here. Airing on Tuesday, March 10, the episode picked up with Peter on the day of the final rose ceremony. Following Madison's departure, Peter admitted to feeling heartbroken but he believed that Hannah Ann was his true love.

He got the help of jeweler Neil Lane to prepare an engagement ring for Hannah Ann, and he opted for a massive, pear-shaped sparkler. He FaceTimed Hannah Ann's father to ask for his blessing before he proposed to Hannah Ann and Mr. Sluss happily approved Peter.

Meanwhile, Hannah Ann was anxious because Peter previously told her that his heart pulled in "two different directions." Peter was stressed out after host Chris Harrison told him that he wasn't sure if Hannah Ann would be coming. However, she, who wasn't aware with the fact that Madison left the show, eventually showed up. When Peter proposed to her, she unsurprisingly accepted. Peter's family was also thrilled to know who Peter's new fiancee was.

However, the happy moment didn't last long because the couple looked awkward when Hannah Ann paid Peter a visit in Los Angeles after a month apart. As Peter admitted that his heart was still with Madison, they ended their relationship, but that wasn't without Hannah Ann calling him out for being "selfish."

Later in live broadcast of "After the Final Rose", Peter and Hannah Ann came face-to-face. She wasn't happy and felt blindsided because Peter never really told her about what happened to Madison. Additionally, Hannah revealed that she was feeling further blindsided when Peter told her he wanted to have one more conversation with his another ex Hannah Brown. She told him that he needed to be a "real man" if he really wanted to settle down with someone.

Later, fans were offered with footage of Madison in her hometown. She said she regretted everything and was willing to give Peter a second chance before heading to L.A. to reunite with Peter. Both of them said that they're still in love with each other though they didn't meet again after the reunion. Madison then joined them onstage.

Barbara, Peter's mom, however, wasn't really feeling Madison. She revealed that Madison made them wait three hours when they were in Australia and never apologized for it. "At the end of the day, it is what is it. You can't change the past. There's a lot that's out of my control. I came into this journey and said I was going to be unashamed of who I am and that's something I've done. I know I have love and respect for Peter, therefore, I have love and respect for Peter's family. And I will never say another negative word about anyone or anything," Madison responded.

Still, Barbara wasn't happy with the fact that she didn't want to compromise with Peter. She also said that Peter was going "to fail in order to succeed" in his relationship with Madison. Despite the tension, Peter made it clear that he's in love with Madison and they'll have to accept it. Peter ended up not being engaged to anyone though he's dating Madison.

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