KJ Apa Sends Naked Birthday Video for Ellen DeGeneres
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The daytime talk show host shows the video, which features the 'Riverdale' star's naked butt, to her audience before they engage in a banter over his homeland of New Zealand.

AceShowbiz - KJ Apa delighted Ellen DeGeneres with a nude birthday video when she turned 62 last January. The "Riverdale" star sent the comedian a clip of him wishing her a happy birthday while he's in the buff, which the daytime talk show host kindly shared with her audience when the actor stopped by her show on Monday, February 17.

"It's KJ," the 22-year-old hunk said in the clip, showing him standing on the balcony while stripping down to his birthday suit. He continued his message to Ellen, "Happy birthday. I hope to meet you one of these days. Hope you have a really special day."

As he moved the camera a bit, his bare butt got exposed in a mirror behind him. To meet the TV broadcasting standard, Ellen's team censored it by placing a peach sticker on his bottom. Despite the accidental flashing, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host said that she "liked it."

Commenting on the video, KJ cheekily said, "I knew immediately after I did that, I knew I had the best video." He explained, "I don't want to do just a normal video." The red-haired actor went on revealing that the idea to film the birthday video for Ellen came while he was FaceTiming his friend and saw his naked reflection behind him.

Ellen quipped, "That's what most people think about me when they're naked on the balcony," prompting the audience to erupt in laughter.

Marking his first visit to the show, Ellen also showed snaps of KJ's perfect abs, which he's got from regular workout. "I work out as much as I can. I love to work out," he shared. "If I can twice a day, once a day."

Ellen then mentioned his original New Zealand accent, which sometimes surprises people because he talks in American accent on his The CW series. "A lot of people think I'm from Australia," the Kiwi actor said. When Ellen agreed with those people, KJ stressed that New Zealand and Australia are "two really different places."

He went on explaining why New Zealand is less dangerous than Australia. While in Australia there's a lot of spiders and poisonous creatures that can kill people, he claimed that in New Zealand there's no predators. "Nothing can kill you out there," he stated. Ellen disagreed, saying, "That is not true. There's thing that can kill you anywhere you go."

As their banter continued, someone dressing like KJ's character Archie suddenly popped out from a desk between him and Ellen, giving him quite a scare. He took a moment to gather himself, before saying that the person who scared him was lucky he didn't throw his punch at him.

Also during his visit to "Ellen", KJ surprised his fans backstage as they revealed what they liked about the actor.

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