'LHH: Miami' Star Nikki Natural Gets Jumped After Calling Trina a 'B***h'

That is not the only fight that is featured in the 'LHH' franchise 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' star Kimbella can be seen picking a fight with Yandy Smith and accusing her of being fake.

AceShowbiz - The latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" was undeniably fire. The episode, which aired on Monday, February 10, saw Trina and newcomer Nikki Natural going into fight after the latter called Trina a "b***h" during the altercation.

The heated moment started after Trina gave Nikki an opportunity to audition for a boot camp/tour as per Nikki's ex-boyfriend Trick Daddy's request. Despite the opportunity, Nikki threw tantrums when Trina asked her to do a rap battle to secure a spot in her tour. She began cussing at everyone and that made Trina annoyed and kick Nikki off the venue.

Not stopping there, Nikki was involved an ugly fight with fellow cast member Sukihana. Trina tried to calm Nikki down but eventually lost her cool once Nikki called her names. She went about to attack Trina while shouting, "I'm gonna whoop your a**!"

However, she was held by her security team. While they were in a screaming match, the other ladies, who were sitting together earlier, all stood up, jumped Nikki and all hell broke loose.

Nikki apparently didn't stop trying to fight Trina. She tried to break out of the security team though her attempt went in vain as she fell down.

"Nikki called Trina a b***h ?!? DRAG THAT H** ! #LHHMIA," one fan commented on the clip of the chaotic moment. "Nikki Natural you’re a disrespectful lil lying can’t rap b***h. How dare you run up on Trina #LHHMIA," one other added.

"Bruh Trina got real serious when Nikki called her a b***h. Nikki was not ready in any form for what Trina was about to offer. The Queen Of The South aka Da Baddest B***h woulda really hurt that cop caller. Or did y'all not see Trina in Walmart that time? #LHHMIA," one fan said.

That was not the only fight that was featured in the "LHH" franchise that aired that night. The Monday episode of "Love & Hip Hop: New York" saw Kimbella picking a fight with Yandy Smith and accused her of being fake.

In a confessional, Kim dubbed Yandy a "fake friend," "a fake person" and a "fake businesswoman." She appeared to not be able to control her anger as she threw her drink towards Yandy when they were all out with other cast members.

Upon watching the episode, fans collectively slammed Kim for being jealous of Yandy. “Kimbella , girl BYE . you coming across like a bitter jealous b***h . you was holdin onto all that anger towards yandy for YEARS ?! That means you were never a real friend like you claim . #LHHNY," one said.

"Yandy has had ENOUGH of Kimbella!!! Please drag her lmaooooo Kim knows she only famous because of Juelz and the many, many artists she slept with. Yandy didn’t have to do any of that and she's smart af. Girl, just admit that you’re jealous of Yandy and move on. #LHHNY," someone else pointed out.

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