Tory Lanez Fears for His Safety After Threatening to Expose Interscope Records, Fans Think He Lies

The 'Say It' rapper warns fellow artists of 'the Dangers EVEN WHEN YOUR BUSINESS IS RIGHT,' but some people accuse him of faking the beef with his label for clout.

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez appears to be fearing for his safety after he vented his frustration with his label Interscope Records. On Thursday, December 19, the rapper posted and then deleted an alarming message on Twitter, hinting that his life might be in danger after he spoke up against his label.

"To my fellow artist if anything happens to me in any part of this process," read the now-deleted tweet. "I did it all for my upcoming artist to be smarter with these deals and to be in a better position with ya'll families. And to be aware of the dangers EVEN WHEN THE BUSINESS IS RIGHT!"

Some fans have expressed their concern, with one writing, "This got me scared for him." However, some others trolled Tory instead, thinking that he fakes his beef with his label for clout. "Anyone else think they fake beefin for some attention," one suspicious user posed a question. "He don't even sell records LMAO don't report on him," another enthused.

Later on Friday, media personality DJ Akadmiks noted that Tory was supposed to go on Instagram Live on Thursday night at 11 P.M. to expose Interscope, but he never showed up. "We ain't hear from him since.... keep him in ur prayers," he pled with social media users.

But some people noticed that Tory just posted an update on his social media page, making them more convinced that the "Luv" spitter only did this whole thing for attention. "He gon pop up with another freestyle using someone else's flow and all will be normal again," one predicted Tory's next move. Another wrote, "He just recently posted, he's a clout chaser,he doing this for attention."

Previously, Tory ranted on Instagram against Interscope Records without detailing the issue. "Interscope Records…if yall n***a dont stop playing w/ me…ima expose whats really going on in that f**king building," he wrote in the expletive-laden post, "@interscope y'all play w me if u want to .... Let's play ... y'all got the right f**king one."

When a follower told him to calm down because he might end up dead, the 27-year-old rap star hotly replied, "That's the difference .... I don't care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that n***as is so scared to lose."

His angry rant came after his manager Sascha Guttfreund revealed in an interview with DJ Booth that the rapper paid the samples in his new album out of his own pocket. "Interscope contributed, but they didn't cover all our costs," the manager said. "Tory is not afraid to invest in himself. I'll tell you that."

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