Kanye West Disses Drake and Son Adonis on Unreleased Track

Besides taking a jab at the Canadian rapper and his two-year-old son, the hip-hop and fashion mogul also shades J. Cole, with whom he has a complicated relationship.

AceShowbiz - Another Kanye West's unreleased track has leaked online. Originally recorded last year for his scrapped album "Yandhi", the song, which is titled "Dreams V2", finds the hip-hop and fashion mogul taking shots at some of his peers in the industry, including Drake.

While the full version of the song has since been removed from the Internet following the leak, people are still able to listen to snippets from the song, especially the diss part. Denying that he told Pusha T about the Canadian rapper's son Adonis, he raps, "My whole city turned they back on me, they thought I told Pusha about Drake's son/ Like I ain't want them to run, goddamn/ I guess they fall and they dumb, goddamn/ I don't care about his son, goddamn."

Kanye had a notable fall-out with Drake last year after Pusha released a diss track aimed at Drake. Entitled "Story of Adidon", the 42-year-old rapper revealed the existence of Drake's son Adonis. In an interview, Drake asserted that Kanye tipped Pusha off, although the Yeezy founder denied any involvement and Pusha later claimed that he learned of it from a woman who was romantically linked to Drake's production partner, 40.

His diss at Drake aside, Kanye also shades J. Cole on the track as he delivers his bars, "Yeah 'Ye cold/ But that Trump hat forced me to feel like I like J. Cole, damn." Kanye and Cole have a complicated relationship for the past few years, with the latter taking some subliminal shots at him on "False Prophets". Last year, he expressed his frustration with Kanye after the Chicago rapper came out in support of Donald Trump and posted a private phone call with Cole on social media.

"That made me feel a certain type of way. I told him that. He apologized, for the record. I told him that it felt like you just used my name in that very quick conversation for social media and to keep your thing going or whatever you were doing," Cole said at the time. "It felt like it wasn't sincere because of that."

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