Evan Rachel Wood Slams Paris Hilton for Calling Millie Bobby Brown 'Hot'
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In the Instagram photo, which was uploaded on Tuesday, October 29, the 15-year-old 'Stranger Things' star posed in a low-cut animal print mini dress which freatured spaghetti straps.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown recently shared a stunning photos of herself on her Instagram account. The photos, which featured the "Stranger Things" star sporting a tight dress, apparently sparked divided opinion not only among fans but also fellow celebrities.

In the Tuesday, October 29 picture, the 15-year-old posed in a low-cut animal print mini dress which freatured spaghetti straps. In a second photo, the teen was taking a mirror selfie that showed off her chest as she made duck lips. "same dress but v different day," so Millie wrote in the caption.

The comment section was flooded with praises as fans called her "unreal," "gorgeous," "beautiful" and "stunna." Among the commenters was Paris Hilton, who wrote, "That's hot."

The remark apparently didn't sit well with Evan Rachel Wood. The "Westworld" star didn't hesitate to snap at the hotel heiress as she replied, "She's 15." Paris has yet to respond, but other users had expressed their opinion regarding the issue presented by Evan.

Alluding that was not a big deal, one person said, "I see girls in my school who are 14 thaty took more revealing, chill." Meanwhile, one other felt that Millie dressed too mature for her age. "Yeah, she can dress a bit too old for he rage. This is a perfect example. I love you, loads, but please don't go down THAT road."

This is not the first time for Millie to spark debate over how she dressed. Earlier this year, the "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" actress was criticized after she posted photos of herself wearing a tight snakeskin mini dress and heels. "Act your age for once," one person scolded. Another wrote, "Don't be in such a hurry to grow -- enjoy being a kid cause it doesn't last long."

However, some other showed the star support with positive comments. "I don’t see anything wrong with this I don't know why she's getting hate for it," said one user. Another one added, "I don't see what the big deal is here. What a waste of energy you all are exerting on hating her."

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