Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Not Safe in Prison, Could Be a Target

According to an expert in criminal street gangs, the 'Gummo' rapper is at risk of retaliation while he's in jail and his family could also be in danger after he snitches on the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine may risk his safety by reportedly turning down an offer to get into the witness protection program once he's released, but there's no guarantee of his life either while he remains in jail now. The 23-year-old rapper, who has been in custody since late 2018, is reportedly at risk of retaliation after snitching on his former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members.

Behavioral scientist Lisa Taylor-Austin tells HollywoodLife that the "FEFE" hitmaker could be a target while he's behind bars. "He testified at length about the nine tray gangsta bloods and that is very uncommon. Now the gang will label him a snitch and he will be at target," says the gang expert.

Lisa, who is described as an expert witness specializing in criminal street gangs of the United States, adds that 6ix9ine's family may also be targeted by those who hold grudges against the hip-hop star. She claims, "They will either try to kill him or possibly assault him or his family members. He's a sitting duck at the moment. If he's in a New York City facility, there are a lot of blood gang members that are in there so they are going to know he's coming before he even gets there. He is going to have a very difficult time. He's going to be at risk of retaliation even while he's in prison."

According to Lisa, being in jail puts 6ix9ine in a higher risk. "In prison you've got all these people confined in a small area, they can't leave and go about their day, they are all right there, held captive, so it's easier to get at the person," she explains.

She goes on detailing, "Someone watching him in prison can see his patterns of activity. When you're outside of prison you can change your patterns of activity, you can go home different way, drive a different car. You can go stay at somebody else's house. But when you are in prison you have a very set pattern of activity so it makes it easier to get at someone."

6ix9ine is currently confined in an unnamed federal prison for cooperating witnesses. Though it's safer, Lisa says that the New York native is not completely free of the said risk. "Federal prisons do not have as much violence as state prisons," Lisa says. "That's not to say they are safe, but they are usually safer and less crowded than state prisons, so it sounds like the government is doing their part to try and protect him. However there are bloods everywhere, there are bloods on the street, bloods in state prisons and there are bloods in federal prisons so it remains to be seen if they will be successful in protecting him."

6ix9ine pled guilty to nine charges and faced a minimum of 47 years in prison, but he cut a deal in return for his full cooperation. It is reported that he may be out of prison as soon as 2020.

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