Donald Trump Slammed for Fat-Shaming a Protester at His Rally

The President of the United States ridicules one of the protesters who are escorted out during his reelection rally in New Hampshire, saying, 'That guy has a serious weight problem.'

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump has been blasted by social media users following his 2020 reelection rally in New Hampshire. The president is accused of fat-shaming a protester who was escorted out of the event on Thursday, August 15.

In a video which has circulated online, Trump stopped his speech as something appeared to distract his attention. He looked at the crowd behind him before he called out one of the protesters who were escorted out of the venue. "That guy has a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising!" he said to the protester.

But according to a reporter who was on the scene, Trump had directed his insulting remark toward the wrong person. Jennifer Jacobs, senior White House reporter for Bloomberg, tweeted that the three protesters escorted out were thin and the president might mistake his fat supporter or one of his security crew for the protester.

Nevertheless, Trump has come under fire for shaming someone over his weight. Rapper/actor Milan Christopher commented on an Instagram clip of the incident, "Absolutely disgusting... I cannot believe this disgusting man is the President of the free world! It's Unfathomable!"

Another laughed at the president, "lmao, what type of 'President' talks bad on someone ?" Another person similarly reacted, "I'm sorry I can't lie, I laughed!! Trump is crazy yo." Someone else compared the real-estate mogul to former president Barack Obama, "Imagine ya president calling you fat LMAOOOOO Obama would never."

Some others brought up Trump's own physique. "When was the last time he went to the gym?" one user asked. Another pointed out that the 73-year-old himself is not perfect, writing, "You got a serious tanning problem."

Prior to this incident, many left-wing supporters bashed Trump for his body. An advocate for body positivity, Jameela Jamil urged the anti-Trump supporters to stop fat-shaming the president and criticize his policies instead.

"THE LEFT HAVE GOT TO STOP FAT-SHAMING TRUMP. There are a million other ways to describe what he is and what he is doing, without going for a pointless blow that just attacks fat people. It's embarrassing to watch you all think it's funny," the British actress tweeted in May. She added, "Criticize his policies, his behavior, his treatment of marginalized people, his decision to keep children in cages separated from their parents... don't just hurt innocent people with your lazy, childish low blows. Does more damage than good. It normalizes fatphobia."

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