Melania Trump Mocked for Going Braless in White Dress at Fourth of July Event

Many Twitter users call out FLOTUS for her inappropriate way to dress up for the 'Salute to America' celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, while some others are simply not impressed by her choice of the white outfit.

AceShowbiz - Melania Trump's fashion style is once again highlighted after her appearance at a Fourth of July event, but not for a good reason. Attending the "Salute to America" parade at the Lincoln Memorial with President Donald Trump on Thursday, the First Lady was slammed by many Twitter users for going braless in a white Caroline Herrera dress.

The white dress with multi-colored stripes and asymmetrical sleeves was perfectly fitted to Melania's body from her waist up, and featured a flare skirt. It's not clear if the dress was drenched on that rainy day, but her nipples poked out of the tight dress.

A Twitter user couldn't help pointing this out and calling Melania out for her inappropriate way to dress up. "Who thought it was a good idea for Melania to wear a white dress w/o a bra on a rainy day? Did they think it was a throw back photo shoot?" the said user wrote while posting a picture of Melania and her husband at the event.

A Twitter User Calls Out Melania Trump for Going Braless at Fourth of July Event

Others flocked to the comment section of the initial post to also criticize Melania's appearance. "My god ! And her implants don't sit right either - no class ... again," one mocked her. Another similarly wrote, "When your boobs aren't all natural there is no need for a bra. I really don’t care. I do notice sone aging or maybe melted make up ? Must be stressful thinking about the gravy train ending."

Someone else sarcastically tweeted, "CLASSY!!!" Another added, "This is really the only thing remotely entertaining about the #TrumpParade." Some others compared to how former FLOTUS Michelle Obama would be severely criticized if she made such blunder in the past. "Oh good lord...can you imagine what people would say if Michelle Obama had come out looking like this?" someone posted.

Some others, meanwhile, were simply not into her choice of color for the outfit that day. People compared the white sundress to a blank piece of lined paper, while one person went as far to suggest Melania's dress is "Russian style."

"I wasn't going to watch Trump's speech but I did notice Melania is wearing a Russian style skirt on her dress. The ribbon rings are a superstition to keep bad spirits away," one wrote. Another weighed in, "Does Melania think this is an Olympics event? Interesting dress."

"Flotus is wearing a dress that looks like a blanket from The Hudson's Bay Company," one other criticized Melania's outfit. Someone else added, "That dress is hideous in any color, see-though wet or absolutely dry. HIDEOUS! Looks like a Dollar store deal. Ugh."

A few others, however, managed to see the bright side of Melania's dress, suggesting that the colorful stripes were a nod to LGBTQ Pride. "Good to see Melania Trump wearing her pride dress today. We are reminded that some people are still fighting for liberty," one wrote.

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