Summer Bunni Fires Back at Rob Kardashian, Accuses Him of Clout Chasing in Wild Instagram Posts

In the private messages that Summer posts, Rob can be seen calling her 'crazy' and 'disrespectful' as he asks her to 'keep your drama away from me.'

AceShowbiz - Following reports of Rob Kardashian hooking up with Summer Bunni prior to his alleged romance with Alexis Skyy, Summer Bunni is taking to her Instagram account to lash out on the youngest Kardashian sibling. It appeared that Rob reached out to Summer after a screenshot of alleged private messages between the two surfaced online. Rob called Summer "crazy" for leaking the texts, but the latter was not having it.

Summer took to Instagram Stories to slam the former "Rob & Chyna" star, accusing him of "clout chasing" and "media chasing." Summer, who was previously hit with threesome rumors with Cardi B's husband Offset, wrote, "Ok, now it time to discuss to you mfs! Ya'll so f***ing hungry for clout and fame and n***a and always putting me in messy s**t!"

In another post, she exposed text messages which were supposedly between her and Rob. Rob could be seen saying to Summer, "Yo u really did that again?" to which she replied, "Nah you really did, don't play me I'm not f***ing with this media s**t again."

The pair's banter continued as Rob wrote, "U crazy for real. Even leaked my texts." However, Summer denied that she was the one leaking the texts, adding that her team was "breaking apart from this s**t."

Rob, though, didn't believe her words, asking her to "keep your drama away from me. Thank u," after telling her that it was her former Crisis Manager Antonio Velaz who leaked the messages. With full capslock, Summer snarked, "ANTONIO AJUST QUIT ON ME FROM THIS HOW WOULD HE TELL PPL ABOUT WHAT WE HAD GOING TF," adding that what they had was "friendly asf."

"Stop with the lies and media bulls**t," Rob responded, not backing down. "Now stop leaking my messages and being so crazy it's weird as hell and u so young which is even weirder that u like this," he added. "Just trying to ruin people's relationships. We all have kids and ur so crazy and disrespectful."

It was previously reported that Rob "wanted to hook up with Summer Bunni long before Alexis Skyy came around. Rob constantly texted Summer and wanted to be there for Summer especially when the Offset news broke." A source spilled, "Rob hoped that he would have a chance with Summer by being her shoulder to lean on during those hard times for her."

The source went on explaining that the pair would "hook up" anytime Summer came to visit L.A. "They dated off and on for a few months up until recently," added the source.

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