Rob Kardashian 'Hooked Up' and Dated Summer Bunni 'On and Off' Before Romancing Alexis Skyy

While Rob's representative has yet to comment on the text messages between Rob and Summer, the latter's rep has confirmed that they are true.

AceShowbiz - Rob Kardashian may not be in a serious relationship right now, but it seems like he's not completely alone either. The youngest Kardashian sibling yesterday made headlines after publicly announced his crush on Alexis Skyy and even made her cook him some dinner afterwards, but it is said that it was just a few weeks earlier that he hooked up with Summer Bunni. reports that Rob and Summer Bunni, who was hit with threesome rumors with Cardi B's husband Offset, had been exchanging texts for quite some time. Rob allegedly reached Summer first, texting her, "Yo. It's Rob," to which Summer responded, "Hey bae." According to a source, the former "Rob & Chyna" star "wanted to hook up with Summer Bunni long before Alexis Skyy came around. Rob constantly texted Summer and wanted to be there for Summer especially when the Offset news broke."

It was said that "Rob hoped that he would have a chance with Summer by being her shoulder to lean on during those hard times for her." The source went on explaining that the pair would "hook up" anytime Summer came to visit L.A. "They dated off and on for a few months up until recently," added the source.

While Rob's representative has yet to comment on the text messages, Summer's rep confirmed that they were true. "Yes, unfortunately the text messages are real," Antonio Velaz said. Antonio is very close to Blac Chyna, Rob's ex and baby mama, so Summer was said to be apprehensive about her relationship with Rob.

Antonio further revealed that he heard about them from another media outlet. "For that very reason is why I resign as Summer Bunni's Criris Mgr.," he revealed. "However, due to some joint ventures and Brand Partnerships that haven't yet matured, a business relationship has to remain in place. Lastly, I have no direct knowledge of them meeting up."

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