Watch: Ken Jeong Obsessed Over Steve Aoki's Sister in 'Waste It On Me' Music Video

The promo clip for the electro house DJ's collaboration song with K-pop star BTS is jammed-packed with Asian-American celebrities that include Devon Aoki, Ross Butler and Jamie Chung.

AceShowbiz - DJ Steve Aoki has recruited some of the best-known Asian-American celebrities for his new BTS (Bangtan Boys) collaboration video.

"Waste It On Me" features the hitmaker, his sister Devon Aoki, funnyman Ken Jeong, Ross Butler, and Jamie Chung.

In the promo, directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, "The Hangover" star Jeong plays a lowly busboy with a crush on Devon, who is hosting a party at a club owned by Chung and Ben Baller.

Jeong mimes along to the song as the Aokis celebrate, with several stars also taking the mic to lip sync along with BTS.

The comedian eventually changes into a tracksuit for a rap battle with Devon's boyfriend, Butler, before hitting the DJ booth with Steve and his sister.

"Waste It On Me", which appeared on Aoki's latest album, "Neon Future III", has already debuted at number one in more than 60 countries, with four million streams in the first 24 hours of its release.

Explaining why he opted for an all-Asian-American cast for his latest video, Aoki says, "When I found out that 'Waste It On Me' was the number one song in the world on Apple Music I realised that this track represented more than just me and BTS."

"It's bigger than music and we hope to show other Asians they are also apart of the global commercial musical landscape. I feel so deeply about the Asian footprint in music culture that I wanted the music video to have an entirely Asian cast and director. The video tells the story of 'Waste It On Me' in an incredibly funny, witty, and clever manner. I want to give a big shoutout to all the incredible actors and people who made this video happen: Joe Hahn, Jessica Lu, Ben Baller, Devon Aoki, Jimmy O. Yang, Ross Butler, Ken Jeong, Jamie Chung, Jinny Chung, Jared Eng, Steve Aoki, Tiffany Ma, and everyone else."

"I absolutely loved working on this video," Jeong adds. "It's so cool to be a part of the number one song... in the world. It's even cooler that I'm working with my friends, a stellar all Asian-American crew in front of and behind the camera."

"I'm so excited to be a part of this video for my big brother Steve," model and actress Devon states. "It was a lot of fun shooting with an all-Asian cast and celebrating what it means to be Asian-American. It felt really good being there together as a group, representing our backgrounds as well as what makes us unique."

"I love my brother and it means the world for me to stand beside him. I will always be there to support him and of course to remind him where we come from."

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