'FTWD' Season Finale Recap: Martha Gives Morgan Last Final Message Ahead of New Beginning

Morgan tells others that he's not going to Alexandria, revealing his other plan that leads to a new beginning.

AceShowbiz - "Fear the Walking Dead" aired its season 4 finale on Sunday, September 30. The episode started with Ali getting cornered in a building of a street as walkers approach. Later she found herself facing off Filthy Woman a.k.a. Martha with Jimbo in Walker form.

Ali wanted to shoot Martha to death but her rifle was empty. The next scene saw Ali, who got knocked out, waking with June and Dorie. Ali told them that Martha wanted her to deliver a message, but she didn't hear it. However, Dorie told her that they got the message as Martha left a video for Morgan.

"I gave you so many chances to be strong, but you didn't take any of them. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I wasn't strong enough. You'll see me again...," she said in the video.

Later in the episode, Morgan, Sarah, Wendell, Ali, June, Dorie and Alicia were preparing themselves as Morgan was taking them to Alexandria. But before that, Morgan wanted to stop at Polar Bear's truck so they could pick up more boxes and drop them off on their way to Alexandria. He gave Dorie a map to Alexandria that he drew himself because he planned to face Martha alone.

Then Morgan met Martha at Mile 54 after the latter told him where she was. He found Jim-the-Walker locked into a police car with one of Martha's special messages on his face before he let him out. It seemed like Martha was planning to kill Morgan as she turned into a zombie but as Morgan found her before she turned into one, she kept mumbling, "Not yet."

She told Morgan about her family on their drive. Morgan was told that everyone at Polar Bear was sick, and that was when Martha faked being sick so she could force Morgan to crash and take over. The next thing he knew, Morgan had Martha's message written on his face. "I Lose People. I Lose Myself," read the note. In addition, Martha, who had a giant walker bite in her chest, put a spike in his leg.

"I made sure you couldn't help. Now you either kill me or I kill you," Martha said. However, Morgan insisted that he didn't kill.

It was later revealed that the reason why everyone was sick because Martha contaminated the water with antifreeze. "They are going to die," Martha said. "And there is nothing you can do."

That led Morgan to choke Martha, though he didn't kill her. Instead, he handcuffed Martha to the police car before walking off. Martha screamed as she was mad because she wouldn't be able to kill anyone else when she became a walker.

The people at the gas station figured out that the antidote was ethanol, but they conveniently lost the ethanol. "I can't lose you. I can't lose any of you," Morgan said, devastated. Everyone was later passed out at the gas station while barely alive. Morgan then realized that ethanol was a fancy name of alcohol and with that, he saved everyone's life with Jimbo's beer.

Later Morgan announced that they would not be heading to Alexandria. "At least I;m not. That woman, she was the way she was because nobody stopped to help her when she needed it... And there are still more people like her out there...," he said. Morgan stayed at Polar Bear to help other people, while Alicia wanted to build the factory into something more.

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