Madonna Has Been Told to Stop 'Harassing' Her Neighbors
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Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits said the pop superstar was 'merely harassing' her neighbors for continuing to seek records from the board after she lost a legal bid over her New York home.

AceShowbiz - Madonna has been warned to stop "harassing" fellow residents at her New York City apartment building after having her request for board member records shut down.

The Material Girl hitmaker has been engaged in a legal battle with officials at the Harperley Hall co-operative building in Manhattan's historic Central Park West neighbourhood since 2016, when she filed suit after objecting to a 2014 change in leasing rules, prohibiting her children and domestic employees from living in the luxury $7.3 million (£5.56 million) unit unless she is "in residence" at the time.

Last September (17), Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits ruled Madonna had waited too long to file the suit, and dismissed her challenge, although he allowed her to continue her quest to obtain documents from the board and fight for legal fees.

However, it appears Justice Lebovits has since tired of the case, and on Friday, June 29, he denied her motion for access to voting information and meeting details to "investigate how her lease was changed" and "how her family may use Unit 7A without breaching the lease," reports the New York Post.

"Plaintiff does not need those materials anymore to prove a case that, by law, she is no longer allowed to prove," he wrote in his ruling, in which he also claimed the pop superstar was "merely harassing" other residents.

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