Debra Messing Was Forced to Wear Fake Breasts on Her First Sitcom
WENN/Patricia Schlein

The 'Will and Grace' star reveals a network executive made her wear fake boobs for being flat-chested.

AceShowbiz - Debra Messing was forced to wear fake breasts early in her career.

The Will & Grace star has revealed network executives made her pad her bra when she landed her first show to give her a more busty look.

"I had to wear fake boobs when I first started in Hollywood on my first sitcom," she told Sharon Stone in a recent interview for Variety's Actors on Actors.

According to the actress, producers presented her with cutlets to wear and she told them, "I look stupid", and insisted she wasn't going to wear them, but she was told, "The president of the network called and said he wants you to wear those".

"I was in shock," she continued. "I was new to the industry and I just thought, 'I can't say no'. Now, no one comes at me with those things. I'm like, 'I'm flat-chested, I love it'".

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