Guy Ritchie Returns to Gritty Drama Style With New Film 'Toff Guys'

Besides directing, Guy will co-wrote the script and produce the movie, which is about an English drug lord who is trying to sell his empire to Oklahoma billionaires.

AceShowbiz - Guy Ritchie is returning to his early style of filmmaking with new movie "Toff Guys". The filmmaker kicked off his directing career with the acclaimed films "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", which were known for their high-energy, British tone. Ritchie is now going back to his roots with the new movie about an English drug lord who is trying to sell his empire to Oklahoma billionaires.

Guy co-wrote the script and will produce the project, which will be the next movie he directs. It will be presented to international and domestic buyers at the Cannes Film Festival next week.

Ritchie has moved on to bigger blockbuster films including "Sherlock Holmes", but last year the filmmaker revealed he is keen to take on many different types of projects because he loves to direct. "Being a film director, I couldn't think of a more pleasurable job," he told WENN. "I don't like to say this in public but I'd do it for free. More than that I would pay to do it! You're still living out a childhood fantasy by playing the film director as a role and that's a fantasy."

He even enjoys tackling the fear that he experiences before each new project. "Usually there's an overriding sense of fear before I make a film that it's not gonna happen," he added. "You get invested in these things emotionally until it gets greenlit and you get distracted by that."

"I've never really not been distracted by that because in the back of your mind there are components that could fall by the wayside," he continued. "If that happens the whole thing implodes, so the overriding fear is collapse. There's positive fear and there's negative fear. The type of fear that galvanises activity is the kind of fear I can live with."

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