Fifth Harmony Teams Up With French Montana for 'He Like That' Remix - Listen!

The four-member girl group doesn't show any sign of slowing down as they unleashed the remix version of the song off their self-titled album on October 20.

AceShowbiz - %cFifth Harmony% is on fire. A month hasn't even passed since the four-piece girl group unleashed a music video for track "He Like That", but they already released a remix version of the song on October 20, grabbing rapper %cFrench Montana% with them. French joined the girls in the second verse, which used to be %cAlly Brooke% and %cLauren Jauregui%'s part.

The "No Shopping" rapper rhymes, "I lost my check and time, my flight lands at nine/ Your flight lands at eight, my game just rewind/ She loves them dope boys, I love them big booties/ Hurricane, strip clubs, and keep your wrist stupid." He continues, "Bright lights, can't lose 'em, white man, Frank Lucas/ You got red rubies, Mike bad, make movies/ Turtle neck, hundred chains, dancing crazy, baby." French ends his part as he raps, "And you know they call me Montana, baby."

Their new song aside, %cNormani Kordei% revealed in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan that it was difficult for the group to show to public that they've gone through difficult times like normal people.

She said, "When outsiders see pop stars, they think of us performing at the VMAs, and hype it up. They think we have it all together when really, we don't. We have our insecurities and our doubts about ourselves. It's just life, but different because it's magnified."

"Touring is always the hardest," she continued. "Because I'm really attached to home, and I just like to be stable in one place for more than a week and a half."

She then explained that the struggle helped her become closer with the members, especially Ally. "I relate to Ally a lot -- we're both from Texas. I actually remember her climbing in my bunk one night while we were on tour, and we cried and laughed together," the 21-year-old singer said. "It's helpful knowing that I have somebody that I can talk to, and girls that are going through the same exact thing as me, since no one can fully understand our experience."

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