Tinashe Shows Off Dangerous Side in 'Flame' Music Video

The 'All Hands on Deck' hitmaker takes heartbreak to a new level as she sets her ex-lover's house ablaze in the clip and begs him not to leave her.

AceShowbiz - Tinashe has released a music video for her latest single "Flame". In the three-minute visuals, the sexy singer plays an obsessive girlfriend who begs her man to stay with her no matter what. The clip features lots of fire, and with Tinashe's fiery acts, the video undoubtedly suits the title well.

At the beginning of the video, Tinashe is seen with her lover lying on a bed. The lovebirds look happy as they spend times together, taking photos, chilling by the swimming pool and brushing teeth together. However, the scene is getting darker as the 24-year-old songstress channels her crazy side, setting everything on fire. Rocking black lingerie and thigh-high boots, she throws liquor bottles and sets her ex-lover's house ablaze.

"C'mon, tell me that you've still got the flame for me/ And tell me that you still want to stay, don't leave/ Even though I've never given up my heart/ Even though the better part of me don't work/ Baby, tell me that you've still got the flame for me," Tinashe sings, demanding the man not to leave her.

"Flame" is the lead single off Tinashe's upcoming album "Joyride" which still has no release date. She previously said of the album, "It's gonna come out when it comes out. I'm just excited to release new material. I have a lot of music and I'm really excited about that."

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