'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Technical Difficulty Causes More Termination

Three more celebrity contestants are terminated in the eighth installment of the reality game show.

AceShowbiz - "The Celebrity Apprentice" season 8 returned with its fourth episode on Monday, January 23. The episode began with the teams meeting %cArnold Schwarzenegger%, %cPatrick Schwarzenegger%, Bob Harper and executives for Lorissa's Kitchen for the task, which was to create a PR stunt for Lorissa's Kitchen Protein Snacks.

Team Prima's project manager was %cLisa Leslie% while project manager for team Arete was %cBrooke Burke%-Chavet. Brooke's idea was to make the presentation relatable, inspirational and inviting so the team decided to do a fitness routine. Meanwhile, on the Prima team, %cCarson Kressley% was very concerned that their presentation would be similar to the other team since Lisa wanted to do a workout routine too. Everyone in the Prima team then started to see that Lisa wasn't a nice person because she wouldn't listen to others' ideas.

Patrick thought Brooke's team had a very authentic connection to the brand, but the executives felt like the team could have used the space better. For Lisa's team, the executives admitted that they really liked how they made the container a very open space with Carson being the ring leader encouraging people to open and try the product. But the judges didn't like most of team Lisa's presentation because it was very chaotic and a real party atmosphere. Team Arete won the project and Brooke received $50,000 for her charity Operation Smile.

Lisa blamed %cVince Neil% because his idea of the dancing girls on the top of the container was cheap and off brand. Meanwhile, %cChael Sonnen% said it was Lisa's fault because she didn't have leadership and never had control of anything. He felt that the leader was supposed to raise the team up, but in this case the team had to get together to lift Lisa up. Lisa then told Arnold to fire Chael for being a backstabber while Chael said Arnold should fire Lisa without question. Vince then gave himself up because he thought it should be him based on his performance and in the end he was terminated.

The next task was to create a celebrity-inspired digital brochure to promote the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. The teams would be judged by Larry Kurzweil, Xiomara Wiley and Universal Studio fans based on their creavity of theme concept, brand integration and live presentation.

Team Arete chose %cMatt Iseman% to be the project manager while team Prima picked Carson. Matt, who was a die-hard fan of "Harry Potter", was being so ambitious on the project. He did a great job presenting but he seemed to get lost in the experience. Brooke worried Matt would take the fall for their team if they fail. On team Prima, Chael was cheating by cutting the cord to the computer to stop the time. Though Carson did a wonderful job presenting "Harry Potter", he admitted that they had to face what Chael did before.

In the boardroom, Carson told Arnold about the problem they had in their team. Arnold then asked Chael if he was cheating but Chael said it wasn't cheating but a technical difficulty. Patrick told Chael a technical difficulty couldn't be something you caused yourself. Arnold fired Chael because he wouldn't tolerate cheaters in his boardroom.

Patrick then announced team Arete won and Matt got the $50,000 prize for his Arthritis Foundation. The losing team members, Carson, %cPorsha Williams% and Lisa, were left in the boardroom. Carson admitted that he was the one to blame for his creavity, which didn't work. Arnold told Carson that he would fire him because he failed. But Arnold didn't do it because he thought Carson's been better after week one. He turned to Porsha and told her that she is terminated because she had failed 6 out of 8 tasks and she also failed on her mission because she was in charge of the creativity and the executives hated the idea.

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