Moby May Perform at Donald Trump's Inauguration Under One Condition

Meanwhile, Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Church are joining the list of artists who declined to perform at the special ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on January 20.

AceShowbiz - After calling president-elect %cDonald Trump% a "dim-witted, racist, misogynist," veteran DJ %cMoby% is still considering to perform at Trump's inauguration balls under one condition. On Monday, January 9, he announced on Instagram that if he were to accept the invite, Trump must release his tax returns to public.

He wrote, "Hahahahaha, I was just asked by a booking agent if I would consider djing at one of the inaugural balls for #trump... Hahahahaha, wait, Hahahaha, really?" He added, "I guess I'd DJ at an inaugural ball if as payment #trump released his tax returns."

Moby then cited a few songs he would spin for the event. He wrote, "Also I would probably play public enemy and stockhausen remixes to entertain the republicans. I'm still laughing. Hahahaha. So #trump what do you think, I DJ for you and you release your tax returns?"

The vegan musician and animal rights activist even shared a hypothetical inauguration playlist, which includes %cSam Cooke%'s "A Change Is Gonna Come", %cThe Clash%'s "I'm So Bored with the U.S.A.", %cGreen Day%'s "American Idiot" and %cKendrick Lamar%'s "Alright" among other protest songs.

Trump has been struggling to book A-list performers for his inauguration balls. %cElton John%, %cAndrea Bocelli%, %cDavid Foster% and %cCeline Dion% are among artists who declined to perform. Recently, two British singers %cRebecca Ferguson% and %cCharlotte Church% declined Trump's invitation. The former hinted that she was told she would not be allowed to sing her song choice "Strange Fruit", a song recorded and made famous by %cBillie Holiday% in 1939 which deals with racism in America in the 1930s.

Meanwhile, Charlotte took to Twitter on Tuesday morning, January 10 to firmly refuse the offer. She tweeted, "@realDonaldTrump Your staff have asked me to sing at your inauguration, a simple Internet search would show I think you're a tyrant. Bye."

However, if Trump is still looking for entertainers to perform at his inauguration next week, he can call %cMarie Osmond% as she has said that she'll perform on the gig. In a recent interview, the 57-year-old singer revealed that she's willing to perform, even though she has not yet been asked.

She told Yahoo! Finance, "I think when it comes to our country we need to unite. I think we should all support our president whether we're happy or sad. This is America. We should come together and I think an Inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should." Marie has performed at multiple inaugural ceremonies, including Ronald Reagan's in 1981.

So far, the only confirmed name to perform at Trump's inauguration is 2010's "America's Got Talent" runner-up %cJackie Evancho%, who is going to sing the national anthem "Star-Spangled Banner". The special ceremony will be held on Friday, January 20 on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

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