'The Americans' Creators Tease the Return of Martha, Share First Look at Final Season

The series creators promise that the fifth and final season wouldn't be ramped up and wouldn't be hyped up, but it would be a great one.

AceShowbiz - "The Americans" creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg shared some cryptic details about the upcoming fifth and final season of the series. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they responded to people's complaints that the show was a "slow burn." Weisberg said, "We used to think that was a back-handed compliment, or possibly even an insult."

"We've come to embrace the slow burn - such a slow burn that it may not even be burning at all. We're just telling a story as it unfolds. For us, the penultimate season is just another season of telling a story of this family and the people around them. It's not ramped up. It's not hyped up. It's not building the tension - but it will be a great season," Weisberg added.

When they were asked about the possible return of Martha (%cAlison Wright%), Weisberg coyly said, "She's off the grid."

The creators also hinted at an ongoing plot for Elizabeth (%cKeri Russell%) and Philip Jennings (%cMatthew Rhys%) involving planes. A photo obtained by Entertainment Weekly shows Philip and Elizabeth in disguise as a pilot named Brad Eckert and a stewardess named Dee Eckert, respectively. The two are the key to one of the season's subplots.

Fields and Wiesberg also teased that there would be new developments in Stan's (%cNoah Emmerich%) personal life, including a potential love interest, which will portrayed by %cLaurie Holden%.

"The Americans" season 5 will premiere in March 2017 on FX.

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