Seth Meyers Takes on Beyonce's 'Lemonade', Reveals Its Profound Effect on 'Late Night' Female Staff

The impact of Beyonce's new visual album is clearly felt at the 'Late Night' office where the female employees dress up like the singer and copy her actions.

AceShowbiz - Seth Meyers is the latest late-night host who has poked fun at Beyonce Knowles' "Lemonade". The "Late Night" host said on his show Thursday night, April 28 that the album that was released last Saturday had a powerful impact on his female staff and he showed the evidence.

In a spoof called "Beyonce Lemonade Late Night Aftermath", female workers at his office copied the actions and imagery from the visual album. One employee who asked to be called "Queen Jenny" refused to give up her stapler and gave her co-worker a middle finger instead.

Meanwhile, another employee in a yellow dress smashed Meyers' office window with a bat after he gave some constructive criticism on her sketch idea. She went overly dramatic after Meyers cut her sketch, saying, "What are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you've killed me? 'Here lies the writer of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my jokes.' "

The same woman led other female workers to crash a birthday celebration for a male worker and smashed his birthday cake. Later, the ladies blew up Meyers' office. "My comic books were in there," he complained.

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