Britney Spears Was a Drug Abuser, Appeals Court Says

According to a 2015 decision by the California Court of Appeals, the 'Pretty Girls' hitmaker 'was struggling with drug abuse' when she first met her former friend and manager Sam Lutfi in 2007.

AceShowbiz - %cBritney Spears% was a drug abuser, according to the California Court of Appeals. A 2015 decision by the appeals court is filed alongside other court docs by Britney's own team due to her impending deposition in a suit against her former friend and manager Sam Lutfi.

As Sam's people is about to take Britney's deposition, the "Pretty Girls" singer's team filed a motion, which included the 2015 decision, to keep Sam out of the room. The docs, obtained by TMZ, reveal the singer's struggles back in 2007-2008 in graphic details.

The Court of Appeals chronicled the drama between Britney and Sam in the docs. When Britney met Sam in 2007 her life was in turmoil, the judges say. She was involved in a divorce, a custody battle and estranged from her parents. The judges add, "In addition, she was struggling with drug abuse."

The judges say Sam advised Britney about "the importance of getting clean," but her family claims Sam was actually the one who fueled her with drugs. Britney later asked Sam to manage her, and he accepted it as long as she let him assemble a team and she stop abusing drugs. He even insisted to use drug sniffing dogs to make sure she stayed clean.

According to the judges, Britney continued to abuse drugs despite her promises to Sam. At one point, the singer ended up sleeping in a parking lot, which also happens to be the day she lost custody of her two sons.

However, Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, later won a conservatorship. She became stabilized and has become extremely productive in her career and also become an attentive, caring parent.

In other news, Britney is reportedly planning to adopt a daughter from Malawi. A source told The National Enquirer, "She's considering adopting a little girl from Malawi. [Britney and %cMadonna%] discussed the process on several occasions, and she's always wanted a daughter."

However, the rumor has been quickly debunked by Gossip Cop. Another source close to Britney tells the site, that the story is "not true."

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