The Night Manager Episode 1.06 Episode 6
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The Night Manager Episode 1.06 Episode 6

Episode Premiere
May 24, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
Production Company
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Episode Premiere
May 24, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
2016 - 2016
Production Co
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Susanne Bier
John le Carre
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Natasha Little
  • Jonathan Aris
  • Sara Stewart
  • Adeel Akhtar
  • Sam Redford
  • David Avery
  • Nasser Memarzia
  • Mourad Zaoui
  • Amir El-Masry
  • Walles Hamonde
  • Aymen Hamdouchi
  • Simona Brown

In this Series Finale, Roper and his team return to Cairo for the deal, reuniting Pine with an old enemy. Pine risks it all to put his plan in motion. A discredited Burr makes one last stand.

At the Foreign & Commonwealth office in London, Angela Burr sits down with the Permanent Secretary, Barbara Vandon, and the River House team to discuss Limpet. The Permanent Secretary berates Burr for the U.S. military raid at the Syrian border. Burr explains she was shown fake documents, thus prompting her to believe arms were being exported illegally by Richard Roper. Geoffrey Dromgoole insists both the Italian and Bulgarian governments can confirm the sale, but Burr says it's a cover up. Without giving up Harry Palfrey for the leak, Burr says "an angel" gave them to her "with a halo", referring to Dromgoole's code name. The Permanent Secretary says Burr's intelligence is flawed, but Burr doesn't offer any details about having a man on the inside.

Burr walks into the International Enforcement Agency (IEA) office and finds it empty. Rob Singhal says the team has pulled out, per the Ministry, and their office will be closed. He suggests Jonathan Pine gave false intelligence, but she doesn't believe it. Pine calls Burr's cell phone and asks to speak to Sophie, the name of the woman Pine failed to save in Cairo. "We're all here at the same hotel," he says. Burr deduces that Pine is back in Cairo.

At the Nefertiti Hotel, Jed sees Roper receive a package from a military courier and lock it in a safe.

The next day, Pine has breakfast with Roper and Jed. Pine says it's his first time in Egypt. Sandy and Caroline Langbourne arrive. Roper talks to Pine in private and brings up Major Lance "Corky" Corkoran, whom Pine killed. "Even traitors can be forgiven," Roper says. "They can be pretty useful... but they have to commit." Pine says he's already made his decision about which side he's on. Freddie Hamid, the man involved in Sophie's death, approaches and pauses before shaking Pine's hand. Pine, assuming his identity of Andrew Birch, pretends he doesn't know him.

The Tradepass team arrives at Hamid's luxurious home along with Omar Barghatti and Mr. Kouyami, another arms buyer. Roper says the shipment is being held at a military zone. Mr. Kouyami asks Roper about the U.S. military incident at the Syrian border, but Roper promises a smooth transaction. Pine scans his retina on his phone and $300 million is deposited into the Tradepass account from the buyers.

That night, at the Nefertiti, Jed and Pine talk at the bar. She asks to run away with Pine, but Pine says, "this isn't just about you and me." He mentions the courier delivery and Jed plans to get Roper's combination to the safe.

The next morning, Pine lies in bed. In another room, Joel Steadman sleeps at a desk, while Burr lies awake in bed.

Pine approaches Caroline in the breakfast room. She says Roper has allowed her to "return to the fold," but Pine accuses her of spying on Jed. He walks off, but Jed overhears the accusation. Caroline admits to her that Roper threatened she'd never see her children if she didn't comply. Steadman, dressed as a medical delegate, drinks water in the dining hall. When Pine walks past him, Steadman quietly says he has a "message from London".

Steadman escorts Pine to Burr's room and Burr introduces them. Immediately, Steadman accuses Pine of playing both sides. Pine says the leak was on their end, not his. "I killed a man to patch it," he says. Burr realizes Corky is dead and asks if Pine wants out, admitting she's lost her team. "Just a cowboy and a pregnant woman. That's your army," Steadman says. Pine says he was "living half a life" when he met Burr and has nothing to lose.

In the kitchen, Pine signals Youssef to pretend he doesn't know him. Pine asks to speak about a recipe. In a hallway, alone, the two hug. Pine asks if Youssef's brother, Ahmer, is still "active".

That night, Jed asks Roper to lock her earrings in his safe. She watches him punch in the code: 2476.

Roper and the entourage make their way to a casino. Sandy asks Caroline if anything unusual happened with Jed. Caroline doesn't give anything away.

In the casino, Hamid asks Pine if they've met before, but Pine denies it. At the roulette tables, Jed places her bets on the numbers 24, 7 and 6 to inform Pine of the safe combination. Pine texts the code to Burr.

In Burr's room, Steadman volunteers to sneak into Roper's safe, but Burr insists she do it. Steadman gives her his pistol.

Back at the casino, Pine pours powder into Hamid's drink.

Burr walks to Roper's suite. Youssef slips her a hotel key along the way.

Inside the suite, Burr opens the safe and steals an envelope containing an owner registration certificate in the name of Tradepass Holdings. Roper's bodyguard Tabby walks in. Burr hides and sends a text from her phone. The suite's phone rings, with Steadman on the other end pretending to be a hotel worker with a package for Roper. Tabby walks out. Burr makes her exit. In the elevator, she holds her belly and breathes.

At the casino, Pine tries to convince Hamid, drunk and high, to stop gambling. Roper asks Sandy if Caroline has said anything, but Sandy doesn't have any information. Roper orders Hamid to go home. Pine carries Hamid out, while Jed watches Pine go. Roper notices the anxiety on her face.

Pine drives Hamid home. He learns the maids come during the day and offers Hamid another spiked drink. Pine asks Hamid about Sophie Alekan, prompting Hamid's recollection of Pine as the Nefertiti's night manager. Pine grabs Hamid and asks if he killed Sophie. Hamid says Roper had her killed because she refused to tell him who helped her. Pine strangles Hamid and drags him into the pool, leaving him drowned, face down in the water.

Pine returns to the Nefertiti and picks up the envelope containing the certificate, which Burr left for him at reception. He asks for car arrangements. Pine picks up Youssef, his brother and another young man in the car.

Tabby tells Roper he went to pick up a package for him, but there wasn't any. Roper orders him to get the names of every hotel guest.

Pine drives to the military storage facility where the arms are being held. He presents the Tradepass owner certificate and asks to check on the shipment. Youssef and his boys hide in the back of the car. Once inside the facility, Pine lets Youssef and his boys out.

Burr stares outside her hotel room window.

Pine returns from the storage facility. Ahmer hands Pine a piece of paper, and tells him to memorize the number on it and press connect to "start the party".

The next day, the night manager delivers breakfast for Jed "compliments of Mr. Birch". She unfolds the accompanying newspaper and sees an envelope inside. She tries to return the certificate to the safe, but realizes the combination has changed. Roper watches her and demands to know who she let steal from him. He calls his bodyguard Frisky.

From his room, Pine performs a retina scan and transfers $300 million out of the Tradepass account.

In the suite, Roper watches Frisky hold Jed's head underwater. "You must care very deeply about the person you're protecting," Roper says.

At the River House, Dromgoole opens an envelope and finds the Tradepass certificate for the arms. Singhal, who sent them, phones Dromgoole and orders him to cut off contact with Roper, noting it's the only way Dromgoole will survive.

The Tradepass team, along with Tabby, meet in the foyer of the Nefertiti. Sandy mentions he can't reach Hamid, but Pine says he "left him sleeping like a baby". Steadman follows them out of the hotel.

The Tradepass team arrives at the military facility. Sandy tells Roper that all of the medical delegates have checked in except two and mentions room 2104, where Burr and Steadman are staying. Roper tells him to get Frisky to "clean it up".

Frisky orders Jed to wash her bloody face.

Roper escorts Pine to an empty room in a hangar, takes his phone and punches him. He demands to know who Pine is working with, saying he knows Pine killed Corky to save himself. Roper shows Pine a photo of Jed, beaten up, and demands that he cooperate. Several cars arrive for the transaction. Roper says Jed's life depends on the quality of Pine's performance.

Frisky walks with Jed towards Burr's room.

Burr calls Steadman, who watches Tabby walk behind Pine with a gun pointed at his back. He tells her that Pine is blown and orders her to get out of the room. Just then, Frisky knocks and announces room service. He busts the door open and walks inside, with Jed's body in front of his. From a hiding spot, Burr catches Jed's attention and mouths for her to move. Burr shoots Frisky in the leg. He falls to the floor as Burr and Jed flee together.

Roper and Pine greet Mr. Kouyami and Mr. Barghatti. Roper blames Hamid's absence on a hangover and suggests continuing without him. Roper returns Pine's phone to complete the second half of the buyers' payment. Instead of scanning his retina, Pine dials the number Ahmer gave him. When he connects the call, all of the arms trucks explode. Mr. Kouyami demands his money back, but Sandy realizes the Tradepass account is empty. When Mr. Kouyami threatens Roper, Roper blames the explosion on the Arab militia. "Little brown rats like the rest of you!" he screams. Roper points a gun at Pine. Pine tells Roper he can have the money back when Jed is let go.

The group returns to the Nefertiti. Roper walks into his suite with Pine and finds Burr waiting for him. Burr tells Pine where to find Jed. Roper calls Dromgoole's office, asking to speak to "Halo," but is told he has the wrong number. Burr recounts the sports day in Kurdistan, when attendees were burned from sarin and sulfur mustard, and says she's protecting future children. Roper maintains that he was only working for a company "owned and operated by your little Pinocchio". Steadman walks in with Egyptian police, who place Roper under arrest. Roper declares he'll be freed soon.

As Sandy, Tabby and Roper are lead away by the police, Roper asks why Pine turned on him. "You have to commit," Pine says, echoing Roper's earlier sentiments. Roper is put into the back of a police van. Mr. Barghatti and Mr. Kouyami arrive with a posse of men. Their men take over the van and drive off with Roper, Sandy and Tabby. Burr turns and smiles at Pine.

Roper, realizing his fate, yells from the back of the police van.

That night, Jed and Pine lie in bed together. Later, they sit down with coffee and discuss Jed's plans to see her son. Pine promises to visit.

Pine walks Jed to her taxi, kisses her and watches her drive away from the Nefertiti. The night manager approaches Pine and asks if he needs anything. "Nothing at all", Pine says with a smile.