The Night Manager Episode 1.03 Episode 3
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The Night Manager Episode 1.03 Episode 3

Episode Premiere
May 3, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
Production Company
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Episode Premiere
May 3, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
2016 - 2016
Production Co
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Susanne Bier
John le Carre
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Natasha Little
  • Jonathan Aris
  • Marta Torne
  • Antonio de la Torre
  • Sara Stewart
  • Nasser Memarzia
  • Noah Jupe
  • Esther Regina
  • Gabriel Andreu
  • Marcos Oralmunde
  • Tabata Cerezo
  • Alice Bier Zanden

In Madrid, Richard Roper's lawyer Juan "Apo" Apostol hosts a birthday party for his daughter, Elena, which Roper and his entourage attend. As Apo showers Elena with expensive gifts, she forces a smile.

While the party guests dance and drink, Roper's colleague Sandy Langourne and Apo talk business about their "Arab friend" Mr. Barghatti, presumably one of Roper's arms buyers. One of Apo's maids comes running into the atrium and grabs Apo's hand, leading him inside the house. Inside, Apo stares in shock at Elena's lifeless body, which hangs from a rail. Jed Marshall and Roper help a panicked Apo get the body down.

The guests leave Apo's house. On the street, Jed notes that Elena must have been in pain, but Roper selfishly says he'll "have to reschedule that meeting" with Barghatti. Jed walks off, offended by his crass remark. Sandy asks Roper if Barghatti should be brought to the villa, but Roper thinks it's too risky. Roper's right-hand man Major Lance "Corky" Corkoran suggests inviting him to the "children's party" instead.

At Roper's villa, Frisky, one of Roper's bodyguards, escorts Jonathan Pine to Roper's office. On his father's cue, Roper's son Daniel thanks Pine for saving him. Roper clears the room and questions Pine about his criminal past. Corky walks in while Pine shares his crafted backstory and Roper produces photos and documents that match the details. When Roper asks if Pine knew the thieves who abducted Daniel, Pine balks at the interrogation. Pine insists he's leaving, but Corky tells him his passport is gone. "Your cover's blown sky-high," Corky says. "Tom Quince is on every wanted list on God's earth." Roper says Pine will have to stay and "learn to be someone else."

Corky gives Pine the key to a spare cottage and warns him about privacy. "No messages in a bottle," Corky says.

Angela Burr and a colleague named Hector begin surveillance of Roper's villa with a pair of binoculars. Burr shows concern as she waits to get an update from Pine.

After a run on the beach and a game of tennis on Roper's court, Pine approaches Roper about taking Daniel into town. Roper grants his permission, noting Daniel likes Pine, but says Frisky and fellow bodyguard Tabby will come along. Roper thanks Pine.

As Pine gets ready to leave, Corky tells Pine that according to a "buddy" of his, Pine has been telling the truth, but he knows there is missing information. Meanwhile, a lookout calls Hector to alert him that Pine is on the move.

In town, Tabby and Frisky tail Pine and Daniel while Hector and Burr watch from a truck. Burr gets out and stays close to Pine and Daniel. Pine orders ice cream in Spanish and asks Daniel who will be coming to Roper's party. Burr pretends to read a menu and listens to their conversation. Pine tells Daniel that Corky is trying to find out more about him "all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians" - a nod to Burr that Corky might connect Pine to Cairo.

Back at Roper's villa, Jed lounges by the pool. After Pine's swim, Corky tells Pine to stay clear of Jed, noting that Pine may "freely eat" off every tree, but he's not to "lay one hand on that precious fruit."

Pine and Daniel throw rocks near the beach. Pine learns that Roper has a secret study he calls the citadel and hides a key to it. Daniel also discloses that an alarm for the study is tested every day at 11.

In Madrid, Burr and her friend and colleague Joel Steadman watch Apo enter a church. Steadman tells Burr that Apo has been visiting the church since Elena committed suicide and has shared information with the public prosecutor's office about an illegal arms deal.

Inside the church, Burr approaches Apo. "You have blood on your hands and I'm here to wash it off," she says. Burr tells Apo that if Roper wasn't in his life, Elena would be alive. "I'm on the side of the angels," she says. Burr asks Apo if he knows Corky, whom Apo describes as Roper's right hand man. Burr says that "needs to change."

At Roper's villa, Pine asks Roper about Corky's drinking and recounts how his father was killed in Belfast because of a drunk sergeant who shared operation plans with a local. "The man I loved most in the world is dead for five pints of lager and the promise of a quickie," Pine says.

Sandy and his wife Caroline arrive at Roper's villa with their children for the party. Pine studies Sandy's dynamic with his nanny. Apo and Barghatti arrive as well.

Pine knocks on Roper's bedroom door to retrieve Jed and finds her crying in bed.

On the terrace, Roper entertains his guests' children with a magic trick involving cups and a ball he says dates back to ancient Egypt. He notices Pine watching.

Apo and Sandy watch Corky as he drunkenly talks to two men. Apo tells Sandy that Barghatti doesn't want Corky involved in the deal.

Sandy pulls Roper to the side. Jed tells Roper she's going for a walk with Pine. Roper tells his bodyguards to escort Corky's friends out. Corky urinates in the garden.

Pine and Jed walk along the beach. He asks what she knows about Roper's business. She mentions agricultural equipment sales. Jed warns Pine not to tell anyone he saw her crying and then invites him for a swim. Pine declines, but watches her undress and walk into the water.

That night, after the party, Corky smokes a cigarette alone. In his cottage, Pine lies in bed and recalls Jed swimming earlier in the day.

The next day, at the Foreign & Commonweath Offices, Burr's superior Rex Mayhew meets with the Permanent Secretary as well as Barbara Vandon from the American Embassy and Geoffrey Dromgoole's team. Vandon and Dromgoole voice concerns about Operation Limpet, but Mayhew maintains that enforcement agencies were brought in to pursue international criminal activity that was "slipping through the intelligence net."

Outside, Dromgoole tells Mayhew he doesn't believe Limpet is a failure like Burr wants him to think. Dromgoole tells Mayhew that if he hands over the Limpet case, Mayhew will get a "rich uncle" in Switzerland who has suffered an untimely death.

Pine sits down with Caroline near the pool. "You see everything and say nothing," she says. Caroline tells Pine that Sandy is sleeping with the nanny and asks if Roper is keeping Pine for "grooming." She warns him to be careful and discloses information about Roper's deal with Mr. Barghatti. Pine learns Roper has an agricultural equipment company called Tradepass, which is used as a front. Pine asks why she's telling him all of this. "I just want to be honest with someone in this world," she says. Pine wonders if Jed knows the truth. Caroline says Sandy "screws everyone and tells me everything, Roper is steadfastly faithful and tells Jed nothing." She wonders if she should tell Jed the truth about Roper.

At the surveillance villa, Steadman asks Burr about her husband, who she says she's not in love with. Steadman starts to bring up their past, but Burr laughs it off.

Later that evening, Daniel tells Pine that he lost his phone and that Jed isn't speaking to Roper. Pine offers to read him a bedtime story and promises to help look for his phone in the morning. Frisky watches them leave.

Pine walks into his cottage and takes Daniel's phone from his pocket.

At the surveillance villa, the Limpet team receives a message from Pine. The message details Roper's deal and mentions Tradepass.

The next day, Pine watches Caroline hug Jed goodbye. Caroline screams at her nanny, calling her a whore, while the nanny is driven off in a taxi. Caroline leaves with her children in a separate taxi. Sandy stays behind. Roper reaches for Jed, but she ignores him.

Later, Corky tells Pine that everyone has gone to Monaco for two days of meetings, but he'll be staying to ride horses with Jed.

Pine takes flowers into Roper's corridor, which is empty except for maids and workers. In Roper's bedroom, Pine places the flowers down and checks through the drawers. He finds a photograph of a young boy and uses Daniel's phone to take a picture of it. He finds a key and opens the door to Roper's secret study just as the test alarm starts at 11.

Downstairs in Roper's secret study, Pine takes pictures of Tradepass documents and finds a strand of blonde hair.

Pine exits the secret study and locks it just as the alarm stops. While replacing the key, he hears Jed's voice. She enters the bedroom and Pine pretends he brought her flowers. He holds up the hair. "You have to be more careful," he tells her. Corky makes his way upstairs. Pine hides as Jed rushes out of the room passed Corky.

At a hotel in Monaco, Roper and Sandy meet with Raymond Galt, a colleague of Dromgoole's from the River House. He warns Roper about Operation Limpet and says "Halo" (a codename for Dromgoole) wants him to be careful. Roper assures him he has intelligence of his own. "We are changing the guard," Roper says.

At Roper's villa, Corky sits alone with a drink.

In Monaco, Roper talks with Jed on the phone. He tells her Caroline only told her a story. "When have I ever lied to you?" he says. Jed tells him he only hides the truth. Roper accuses her of hiding her son from him. He says that information wasn't included in "the brochure." Jed says he doesn't own her. Roper changes the subject in a lighter tone and Jed hangs up on him.

In his cottage, Pine stares at the image of the young boy's photograph he found earlier. He moves it to a private folder on Daniel's phone and sends the rest of the images to the Limpet team.

In the surveillance villa, Steadman and Burr look through the documents. They see "Halo" mentioned on an account balance sheet.

The next day, Roper and Sandy return from Monaco. Roper sends for Pine. Corky watches him go.

In his office, Roper presents Pine with a new passport under the name Andrew Birch, but says Pine must do something for him in exchange. Sandy presents a stack of papers. "I'm giving you your own company," Roper explains. Pine reads the documents which would allow him to run Tradepass and takeover Corky's role. He signs as Andrew Birch.

"Welcome to the family, Andrew," Roper says. He extends his hand. Pine stares at it and shakes it.