The Night Manager Episode 1.02 Episode 2
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The Night Manager Episode 1.02 Episode 2

Episode Premiere
Apr 26, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
Production Company
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Apr 26, 2016
Drama, Crime, Mystery
2016 - 2016
Production Co
BBC One, Ink Factory
Official Site
Susanne Bier
John le Carre
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Natasha Little
  • Jonathan Aris
  • Hannah Steele
  • Adeel Akhtar
  • Antonio de la Torre
  • Beth Walker
  • Nancy Baldwin
  • Noah Jupe
  • Gabriel Andreu
  • Caroline Loncq
  • Tressa Brooks
  • Duncan Pow
  • Conor McCarry
  • Alice Bier Zanden

At Richard Roper's villa in Mallorca, Spain, Jed showers and pops a pill. Her mom calls her mobile phone. "You know the deal," Jed says. "You don't call me here." Jed asks about someone named Billy, but her mother claims Jed doesn't actually care. When Jed asks if her mother is calling about money, she calls Jed a "dirty whore." Daniel, Roper's son, knocks on the door. He and Jed head down to the terrace together.

Out on the terrace, Roper gathers his guests and drives them in a motorboat across the bay. Roper treats his guests to dinner at a clifftop restaurant where the waiters greet him by name. Corky, Roper's right hand man, asks Roper if it's okay to "baptize the princeling in the ways of the grape" and hands Daniel some wine. Jed whispers in Daniel's ear and tells him to follow her.

Later in the evening, Roper's guests dance to Spanish music. Roper's colleague Sandy Langbourne dances with his nanny while Caroline, his wife, glares. Caroline interrupts them, insisting it's time for the children to be put to bed. Sandy asks Caroline to dance, but she rebuffs him.

Suddenly, two armed Albanian men rush the party and grab Daniel. Roper tries to keep everyone calm and orders his bodyguards, Frisky and Tabby, to cooperate. "You are a rich man," one Albanian says. The guests offer their money and jewelry, but the men demand more. Roper agrees to have $100,000 sent, but the burglars drag Daniel away.

Near a small outhouse below the restaurant, Jonathan Pine watches the scene through a crack in the door.

Six months earlier, back in Zermatt, Pine and Angela Burr, now pregnant, ride the train together. Burr notes Cairo is not mentioned on Pine's professional CV and asks about Freddie Hamid. "To him I was just a man in a uniform," Pine says. Burr says Pine just needs "a little bit of airbrushing" and asks if anyone would notice if Pine stole money from the Meisters Hotel.

At Pine's apartment, Burr asks about Pine's deceased father, whom she knows was undercover in Belfast in the same regiment as Pine. He stiffens at her prodding and asks what she wants. Burr promises Pine a new identity and life if he agrees to work for her in bringing down Roper. "I've spent 10 years of my life going after that man," she says.

In London, Burr meets with her boss Rex Mayhew. She instructs Rex to give Pine a believable criminal history for Roper to find and to get Devon police officers onboard. "Not a word to the River House," she warns.

Pine takes money from the office safe at the Meisters.

In a London hotel room, Pine meets Burr and her deputy Rob Singhal. "You're going to put on the performance of your life. There is half a psychopath lurking in there," Burr says. "Find him and stick to him."

In Hartland, Devon, Pine rides into the village on a motorcycle. He stops at a shop to give rent money to a young woman for his stay at a cottage. He dodges her questions and introduces himself as Jack Linden before walking out.

Pine walks in on a couple having sex inside his abandoned cottage. He kicks them out.

Pine follows a drug buyer to an old warehouse and watches a transaction. When the buyer leaves, Pine approaches the dealer and says he has an offer. The dealer tells Pine to leave. Suddenly, Pine gut-punches him and wraps a cable around his throat, demanding the dealer buy a delivery from Pine. "Things have changed," Pine says.

In his cottage, Pine researches Roper on his laptop. Later, Pine runs through the countryside, training.

At the pub in town, Pine sits alone with a beer. The drug buyer from earlier recognizes him, but doesn't approach. Pine downs his drink and leaves.

At his cottage, Pine invites his landlord Marilyn in for coffee. She tells him that she Googled him, but found nothing. They make small talk and Pine learns that her son's father is Tom Quince. He slyly asks about Tom's whereabouts. Later, they have sex. As she sleeps, Pine looks through her phone and stares at a photo of her and Tom.

At the Foreign & Commonwealth office in London, Joel Steadman, Chief Officer at the U.S. Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, addresses a group of officials about his plan to combat international arms smuggling.

After the meeting, Geoffrey Dromgoole of the River House offers resources to help back Steadman's plan. Steadman greets Rex and Burr.

At a pub, Burr learns that Steadman was recently in Madrid to pursue Roper for an operation called Limpet. Steadman also tells her that Roper's people are meeting with a Spanish lawyer, Juan Apostol, who goes by Apo. Burr produces records from Corky's phone. "I've got a new asset," Burr says of Pine. She takes his hand and asks for his help.

In Devon, Pine ensures the drug dealer, now terrified of Pine, will still be buying from him.

Pine rides his motorcycle to his cottage, where a man named Harlow waits for him. He hands Pine an envelope with a passport that features Pine's face, but Thomas Quince's information. "I shall expect a lavish funeral," Harlow says.

That night, Pine sits alone at the pub. Harlow joins him and tells Pine that he needs to "wait for the stuff." Pine punches him and drags him outside. The buyer from earlier watches Pine give Harlow a beating.

The next day, Marilyn looks for Pine at his cottage. Inside, she finds smashed dishes and blood stains, but no sign of Pine.

At the police station, Marilyn is interviewed about what she saw. The interrogator, who is actually Burr, tells her that Jack Linden killed the man he attacked in the pub and asks if Jack ever mentioned his previous life. "He never said who he was," she says.

Back in Mallorca, Pine rides a boat across the bay.

At the cliff-top restaurant, the Albanian burglars take Daniel inside the outhouse where Pine was hiding. Pine breaks one of the burglar's arms and frees Daniel. The other burglar reminds Pine that he wasn't supposed to hurt him, but Pine says it "needed to look real." He beats Pine with a pan.

Daniel runs back to Roper and tells him that Pine, now lying bloody on the ground nearby, saved him. A waiter explains that Pine is a seasonal sous-chef from Devon named Thomas Quince, but Roper recognizes him. "You're Pine from Switzerland," he says. Caroline suggests calling the police, but Pine mumbles "no police" continuously. Roper instructs Corky to get in touch with their doctor.

Burr meets Steadman at a surveillance villa in Mallorca. "He went off script," Steadman says of Pine. Burr worries. Hector, one of the operation officers, taps Corky's phone and listens as Corky tries to find background information on Pine for Roper. Burr deduces that Pine is alive because Corky wouldn't "check on a dead man."

Burr calls Rob at the International Enforcement Agency and instructs him to put out a criminal background for Thomas Quince, Jonathan Pine and Jack Linden.

Pine, heavily bandaged and barely conscious, lies in the back of a private ambulance heading towards Roper's villa.

Jed stops by to visit Pine, who lies unconscious in bed, and says he mentioned someone named Sophie in his sleep. She tells him Roper is away on business, but will return soon.

Pine sits up in bed while Corky confronts Pine about his criminal past and multiple identities. "I think you might be stringing us along," Corky says.

In Madrid, Sandy meets Apo at a restaurant. Steadman takes pictures of them from across the street.

At MI6 (River House), Burr and Steadman prep before meeting with Dromgoole and his colleagues. Steadman tells them about Operation Limpet and asks the agents for help, claiming he doesn't have anyone on the inside. Dromgoole berates Burr's obsession with Roper and says Steadman doesn't have enough concrete evidence to work with.

After the meeting, Burr commends Steadman for remaining evasive. "They must never know about our boy," she says.

In Mallorca, Pine watches armed guards patrolling the villa. Roper returns and finds Pine sleeping. "Tomorrow we'll find out who you really are," Roper says. As Roper leaves, Pine opens his eyes.