Mad Men Episode 6.04 To Have and to Hold
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Mad Men Episode 6.04 To Have and to Hold

Episode Premiere
Apr 21, 2013
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Episode Premiere
Apr 21, 2013
2007 - 2015
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Michael Uppendahl
Erin Levy
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Pete and Don meet with Heinz ketchup rep Timmy in Pete's apartment. Timmy agrees to an "exploratory mission" with SCDP. Don worries about Heinz beans rep Raymond Geiger finding out. Pete and Don agree only Stan will be in on the project (code name: "Project K").

Joan comes home to find her friend Kate in town for a job interview. Gail, Joan's mother, insists Kate stay for dinner.

Sylvia joins Don in the elevator. Don stops the elevator and kisses her. Sylvia says she'll leave a penny under the mat when Arnold's on call later that week.

At the dinner table, Kate explains why she is looking to leave Mary Kay for Avon. Gail brags about Joan's partnership at SCDP.

Ken complains about Dow Chemical and his father-in-law Ed Baxter to Harry who offers to help.

Stan enters a locked room marked "Private" where Don eventually joins him. Ginsberg speculates on what the secret project is.

Scarlett asks Dawn to join her buying a birthday gift for Clara. Dawn declines, but says she'll punch Scarlett's time card at the end of the day.

In her dressing room, Megan learns she's going to have a love scene in To Have and To Hold. Arlene advises Megan to tell Don, then invites Megan and Don to dinner with her and her husband Mel.

At the Draper home, Megan tells Don about her upcoming love scene. "I guess if I wasn't your husband, I would be happy for you," Don says.

Ken and Harry meet with Ed and propose "Broadway Joe on Broadway," a TV special starring Joe Namath, sponsored by Dow Chemical.

Joan confronts Scarlett about her timecard then fires her. Joan tells Dawn, "I'll deal with you later.'"

Harry sees Scarlett leaving and overrules Joan's decision. Joan enters the conference room for a partner meeting. Harry interrupts to reveal his recent success with Dow, valued at $150,000. "I'm sorry that my accomplishments happened in broad daylight," Harry says. "The next time this group is called to order, I expect to be sitting at this table."

Dawn tells a friend about the incident with Scarlett. "Everybody's scared there," Dawn says. "Women crying in the ladies room, men crying in the elevator. It sounds like New Year's Eve when they empty the garbage, there's so many bottles."

At dinner, Joan helps Kate flirt with the restaurant manager, Leo. They plan to meet him after his shift.

At another restaurant, Don, Megan, Arlene and Mel discuss war, advertising, and daytime television. Mel and Arlene invite Don and Megan to their home to "smoke some grass, and see what happens." Don and Megan decline.

Joan and Kate drink from a flask and kiss Leo in the back seat of a taxi on the way to a nightclub.

In a taxi, Don and Megan joke about the advances from Arlene and Mel. "I don't know whether to laugh or be sick because now I think that's the reason they gave me the scene," Megan says.

In Cooper's office, Roger hands Harry a check for $23,500 – the full commission for "Broadway Joe." "I've also earned a partnership," Harry says. "I really hope some other firm doesn't figure that out first."

In Joan's bed the next morning, Kate admits she only talked to Avon because she envies Joan's success. "They still treat me like a secretary," Joan says. "I don't care how they make you feel," Kate responds, "It's right in front of you for the taking."

At the Roosevelt hotel, SCDP pitches a campaign for Heinz ketchup with the tagline: "Pass the Heinz." Ted, Peggy and an account man from CGC enter the room as Pete, Don and Stan exit.Don listens through the door to Peggy's presentation. Peggy tells Heinz, "If you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation," and reveals a board with the tagline: "Heinz. The Only Ketchup."

Dawn apologizes to Joan for the incident with Scarlett. Joan entrusts Dawn with the keys to the supply closet and time cards.

Chaough and Peggy join Don, Pete and Stan at a bar. Chaough says that Heinz signed J Walter Thompson to the account. Ken enters and says Raymond Geiger has dropped SCDP. Stan flips Peggy off as he walks away.

Don watches Megan film her love scene. In her dressing room, Megan asks Don why he came. They fight, and Don walks out. Megan cries.

Don meets Sylvia at the Rosens' apartment. In bed, Don asks Sylvia to remove her cross necklace. Sylvia says, she prays for Don to find peace. Don moves the cross out of sight. They kiss.