Kanye West's New Yeezy Sneakers Trolled Over Similarities to Mickey Mouse Shoes
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Social media users take to Twitter to roast the footwear, which is dominated with yellow color, after an alleged design of the new Yeezy sneakers leaks online.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West has once again sparked chatter with his creation. The rapper, who has been the creative mind behind Yeezy sneakers, his collaboration with Adidas, has been rumored to be ready to launch a new collection called the Knit Runner. And while an official announcement has not been made, an image of the supposed new Yeezy sneakers has leaked online.

But instead of hyping up fans' excitement for the new collection, the leaked image has generated negative feedback from social media users. They were mostly appalled by the sneakers color which is dominated with yellow, drawing comparison to Mickey Mouse shoes.

"Ayyy we finally got em mickey mouse shoes," one person joked on Twitter. Another user of the social media platform commented on the so-called Knit Runner design, "Mickey already got these fire joints early."

"walt disney was in the studio wit Kanye west bro," a third commenter jokingly speculated. Another person remarked, "If you see me in the streets like this, keep walking."

The design of the alleged new Yeezy sneakers made its way out on Friday, June 4. According to reports, the new shoes have a shape which is identical to the Foam Runner, but exchanges algae and EVA foam construction for a build made entirely out of knitted thread. There's a concern about durability considering the whole knit material, but it's early to tell if the Yeezy Knit Runner will meet the standard.

The new Yeezy sneakers, which were said to be formerly dubbed "Turreliens" and "TRRL RNR", are expected to be launched in Fall 2021/early 2022.

Kanye himself has not confirmed the design of his new Yeezy sneakers collection nor responded to the backlash.

Back in May, alleged design of new Yeezy sandals also surfaced online, prompting 50 Cent to troll his fellow rapper over it. "LOL Kanye gonna have you fools walking around in these s**ts. LMAO oh my God," Fiddy posted on his Instagram page at the time along with an image of the said sandals. He, however, later changed the caption to read, "@hahadavis is so stupid This is the new wave, talk all you want but y'all gonna be standing in line when these drop."

He was referring to Carlos Davis, who poked fun at the alleged Yeezy sandals. "Come on Nih Kanye," the funnyman said in an audio posted on his own social media account, before jokingly blurting out hilarious names that may fit the sandals. "These the Garden of Eden 2. The Book of Eli 5. The Walking Dead Bred 11s," he exclaimed, "The Jerusalem 1. The Game of Thrones 8."

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