Boosie Badazz Shouts at Female Fan for Trying to Touch Him at Concert

The rapper lets it slide when the fan touches his abs for the first time, but the 'One of Them Days Again' spitter snaps at her when she makes the same gesture for the second time.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) appeared to hate it when people invaded his personal space. One of his fans learned it the hard way when she attended the Baton Rouge rapper's show in Georgia on Saturday night, May 1.

In a video that circulated online from the night, Boosie could be seen shirtless while greeting the crowd. The female fan apparently couldn't hold the urge to touch his chest as she ran her hand up for it, not only once but twice.

Boosie let it slide when the fan touched his abs for the first time. However, when she made the same gesture for the second time, the "One of Them Days Again" spitter didn't hesitate to snap at her, yelling, "Keep your damn hands off me!"

Being touched like that, however, wasn't the worst thing he had experienced during his concerts. Back in 2019, shots were fired in the parking lot when he was performing for hundreds of patrons at the 3208 Club in Huntsville, Alabama as they rang in the New Year.

Miami-Herald reported that a man named Samuel Demario Williams started firing his AK-47 assault weapon. A club security guard drew his weapon and fired back at the man, shooting him in the thigh. He was then taken to local hospital for a treatment and was later charged with menacing, reckless endangerment and gun violations.

"Man I was just outside the club, 3208, and just had a muthaf**kin' shootout in front of the club -- like Wild, Wild West," Boosie addressed the incident in an Instagram post at the time. Recalling what happened that night, he continued writing, "Everybody ran out the club. S**t f**ked up."

"I wanna let everybody know, y'all gotta learn how to f***in' act at my show. For real, man. If y'all wanna see me, y’all gotta learn how to act for real," he added.

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