Gwyneth Paltrow Delivers 'Very Dangerous' and 'Harmful' SPF Routine Message, Dermatologists Says

The 'Avengers: Endgame' actress has her words corrected by dermatologists, who accuse her of leading 'misconception' after recently saying that she applies sunscreen in similar area she applies highlighter.

AceShowbiz - Gwyneth Paltrow might be giving wrong advice on a particular beauty routine. After she revealed in a video for Vogue the way she applied sunscreen, the Pepper Potts of the "Iron Man" film series found herself being criticized by dermatologists for delivering "very dangerous" and "harmful" message.

The controversy began when Gwyneth appeared in the video highlighting on her guidance to everyday skin care and wellness. When she talked about putting SPF cream on her face, she first shared, "I'm not a sort of head-to-toe slatherer of sunscreen." She then stated, "But I like to put some kind of on my nose and the area where the sun really hits."

Responding to Gwyneth's statement, Tone Dermatology founder Dr. Caroline Robinson told USA Today that putting on sunscreen just "where the sun really hits" is "a very dangerous message." The dermatologist additionally pointed out, "The misconception that you only need to apply it to part of your exposed skin is harmful."

Dr. Barry D. Goldman, a clinical instructor at Cornell NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, further added, "I do think it's a bad message: 80-90% of all skin cancers are on the face and neck. I do think it's a bad message: 80-90% of all skin cancers are on the face and neck. I've seen many tumors on the eyelids or around the eyes, the forehead." He then stressed, "Basically, the whole face should be covered... We think of the whole face as a high-risk area for skin cancer."

Aside from the experts, many online users have also expressed their disagreement to the way Gwyneth applied SPF. One YouTube user wrote, "It is really damaging to be sharing all this information. Sunscreen goes EVERYWHERE and should not be used as a highlighter."

"She's so pretty but i hope to god someone in her life tells her she needs to be wearing a very liberal amount of sunscreen all over her face every day. as a last step, not before another moisturizer. it's so important," another commented.

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