Kelly Rowland Recalls 'Hilarious' Moment While Filming 'Survivor' Music Video

The former Destiny's Child member reveals her 'wig flew half[way] across the beach' when she, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams filmed the promo for the 2001 single.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Rowland has taken a fun walk down memory lane. When looking back at the time she, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams filmed a music video for 2001 single "Survivor", the former Destiny's Child member revealed one "hilarious" moment she experienced during production.

The 40-year-old singer shared her story on Thursday, March 11 during her virtual appearance on "Good Morning America". When shown the promo, she spilled, "So specifically on this video, it was the coldest day in LA and I'll never forget [because] that water that [Beyonce] is letting brush up over her lovely yellow outfit? That water was cold, like freezing."

"And let me tell you something else. I had a wig on this day, because we had to switch looks quick, and my wig flew off as soon as the helicopter at the end comes down," the wife of Tim Weatherspoon further uncovered. "My wig flew half[way] across the beach. It was hilarious."

Reflecting on her time with Destiny's Child, Kelly shared, "[I feel] rich, rich in love. Rich in passion and work ethic and rich in laying down the foundation." She added, "It was such a different time in the music industry. You know, we were overseas internationally having like 12 and 13 hour work days."

"I feel like it was laying the foundation [for our solo careers] as well and that's why I'm still able to talk to you guys [about us]. It's a blessing that Destiny's Child has given me," the mother of two raved. "I feel rich [in joy]."

During the interview, Kelly also opened up about her decades-friendship with Beyonce and Michelle. "It wasn't just for the cameras for us," she stressed. "We genuinely love each other and we talk every other day and those are [Noah and my elder son Titan Jewell's] aunties."

"[Noah] doesn't have a clue who Destiny's Child is," she further quipped. "He just got here. He just knows 'Aunty BeyBey,' 'Aunty Mimi' and 'Mommy' and that's it. It's the most beautiful thing about Destiny's Child, is our sisterhood."

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